Is your gym keeping you fat?

2015 is right around the corner, and with it will come the usual flurry of fitness resolutions and new gym memberships.

But for many people, the logistics of getting to the gym are a real hurdle. You need to pack your bag in advance and lug it around with you all day. You need to remember things easily forgotten like headphones or workout socks. If you have kids, you need to arrange childcare.

Then, you need to commute to the gym. You need to park. You need to check in or swipe your card. You need to stuff your clothes into a tiny locker. You need to line up for a class or wait for a machine (with all the other people who have just joined). You need to figure out how to use or program the equipment.

Finally, you work out.

Then you need to shower, change, repack your bag and lug everything home again!

Sound exhausting? It can be: many people find they spend more time preparing to work out than actually exercising! Which is why so many gym memberships go unused.

UK-based fitness expert Julia Buckley noticed this – and so she created Extreme Inferno, a dynamic, home-based workout programme, as an alternative.


julia buckley

Julia’s clients do high-intensity workouts of 20-50 minutes, based on online fitness videos she creates each week. This means that unlike a typical fitness DVD, the workouts are always fresh and build upon your progress.

Plus, no more logistics – clients just put on something comfortable, flick on the laptop, and go for it! The workouts fit around kids’ naptimes or adults’ work schedules, as the routines are short but very effective.


Sleek Technique is a company set up by professional ballerinas Victoria and Flik, whose bodies are phenomenal. Honestly, the sight of them is what made me sign up in the first place. That, and the fact that I could do this in my own living room.



With DailyBurn, you get access to ALL our workouts — there’s no charge for each separate program! And with variety like this, you’ll never get bored!Daily Burn is the future of online workouts. They have the whole package. Achieve your goals with our variety of workout videos, community support, and more. Try it free for 30 days. After 30 days the customer will be charged $10 if they don’t cancel their membership. They can also opt for a $15 package that includes nutrition plans. With  Yoga, Inferno, and Move!  dance aerobics workout there is a class for you



La Barre From Afar

Barre from afar

Lotte Berk, the original genius lady behind the barre methodology, started a revolution that has thrown masochistic women around the globe into a frenzy of pulsing, planking, and “getting one inch lower.”

Barre is a workout routine that combines elements of ballet, pilates and yoga into an efficient and effective workout. By using your own bodyweight as resistance in while challenging your core stability and balance, barre classes manage to give you the streamlined body of a dancer while reinforcing your strength and muscle tone. Barre workouts are not only very effective but they are also fun as most classes are choreographed to amazing, upbeat music. Many become hooked due to this fun factor, and a result of their frequent barre-going that they become slimmer, stronger and healthier.


 La Barre offers live, real-time classes online, that you can take from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Although the classes are offered online you still must show up at a certain time just like you would for a training session or a group class. This is great for those who procrastinate and always put their at-home workout off until later, after the laundry is finished, after dinner is prepared, etc. If you are that type you know exactly what I am talking about. The live, real-time aspect of la barre from a far holds you accountable to stop what you are doing and start your workout when it is time. Because every single class is different, your workouts stay fresh, new and exciting, making it much easier to attain a long term success with an at-home workout regimen. While taking a la barre live, online class, you, the at-home participant, will interact with the teacher and students in the actual classroom. This element if interaction allows you to experience the camaraderie and motivating environment that a group fitness class provides.

So for those fed up of the gym rat race, who just want to work out with all the benefits (but none of the fuss).