Proven Sound Healing Method Helps Reduce Anxiety and Stress – Wellness Retreat

Turn the Volume Up to Turn Anxiety Down
Proven Sound Healing Method Helps Retreat Guests Reduce Anxiety and Stress
 One in three adults is dealing with an anxiety disorder, and over 70 percent of Americans say stress is negatively impacting their physical and mental health. For those wanting relief naturally, sound healing will be music to their ears.
While sound healing might sound “woo-woo,” according to several prestigious studies it can reduce generalized anxiety, and regulate stress. World-renowned sound healer Letizia Silvestri is teaming up with internationally recognized Energetic Movement specialist Ting Ting Guan to share the healing power of sound at the Rebirth of the Pink Moon retreat April 25-29, 2024 at Palmaia The House of Aia on the beautiful Rivera Maya.
“The basis of sound therapy is that it’s a holistic therapeutic practice that uses sound, such as music, singing bowls, gongs, tuning forks, and other instruments, to promote healing and relaxation,” says Silvestri.
In addition to anxiety and stress reduction, sound therapy has been shown to reduce pain, improve sleep, enhance mood, and improve the body’s healing abilities.
During the five-day/four-night retreat guests will experience the stress and anxiety reduction provided by sound therapy and learn a repertoire of sound healing practices to take home. Along with meditation, GuanJing Flow movement, and breathwork, people will leave the transformative retreat with a host of stress and anxiety-busting tools to retune their lives.
With the ocean just steps from the luxurious property, the tranquil setting invites guests to leave the daily grind behind and relax and recharge while learning skills that will unlock a new way to live in balance.