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About Stacy Geisinger: Who She Knows & Where She Goes

I like to say I connect cool people to cool things!!!

Women love to shop, eat, stay healthy and laugh (and find places where they can do all those things). My blog is like that fun  and trusted girlfriend who’s always sharing a deal and cheering you up. You may not get skinny and sane and smart just by reading it, but it sure can’t hurt!” Stacyknows is your one BFF to go to for everything.

Stacy Geisinger is the personality and infamous blogger behind, a lifestyle blogazine about who she knows, what she knows and where she wants to go. is the go to guide for all things hip and trendy in the suburbs of Westchester County.  In high school, her school newspaper knew that Stacy was the go to girl for community news and trends, even offering her a column called “Stacy’s Goodies.” In 2007, Stacy’s passion for sharing what she knew exploded with the launch of  Within months, local community members kept asking Stacy to share news about their businesses with her reader base. quickly expanded to become one of the leading lifestyle blogazines in Westchester County, and today over 7,000 subscribe to her blog every month. Stacy’s goal is to expand her hyper local lifestyle blog into a national publishing platform. Stacy Geisinger, master connector, currently resides in Bedford, NY and summers in East Hampton.

The trick in life is to feel good about yourself. shares tips on diet, exercise, looking good and feeling good.

About Stacyknows

Stacyknows website is an email subscription-based “blogozine.” Designed to provide fresh and unique editorial content, Stacyknows features recommendations for dining, cultural events, art, health, travel, style, beauty, books, products and more. What makes this blogozine so engaging is that Stacyknows speaks to the reader in Stacy’s personal voice. Stacy’s advice has been described as “equal parts humor and irreverence.” Stacy has been the “go to” girl her entire life, offering unique advice to her friends and colleagues.


“Stacy gets the word out quickly and effectively about local products and events, and is a real connector!”

What they know about Stacy…

As a small business owner.. Networking is KEY!!! Knowing Stacy is a perfect networking tool. Stacy always works hard on behalf of clients, associates and basically everyone she comes in contact with. Stacy’s Blog..”Stacyknows” Not only features great products but all around great insight.. It’s great to know Stacy! Because “Stacyknows”!!!!!

It pays to know Stacy”…Stacy is the ultimate networking person – always working hard on behalf of clients, associates and basically anyone she comes in contact with. I recently received a referral from a woman who went on a cruise with Stacy!! Imagine that – being on vacation and still always thinking of who she can connect. The Stacyknows Blog has featured Gift Baskets from our company and I am pleased to say drove traffic to our website and generated sales. What more can I say – It pays to know Stacy!

When we launched our first set of Core Fusion DVD’s, Stacyknows exposed them and sold them to a wide audience of her followers. Her followers trust her because she produces consistent results. thanks, Fred Devito!
Top qualities: Personable , High Integrity , Creative

I receive Stacy’s “blogozine”, StacyKnows, regularly. The hard work and time that go into it are obvious. Stacy is chock full of information that she divulges purely for the benefit of others. Whether you’re looking for a restaurant recommendation or a simple recipe, the latest in fashion or just pure comfort, the hottest music, the best show, how to save a buck on just about anything and what deserving charity really could use that buck that you saved; Stacy seems to provide it all. There is something for almost everyone in every issue. Subscribe to her “blogozine” for information, for recommendations or just for the fun of it. It’s all there.

Stacy really “knows” everything well-heeled women in this area “need to” and “want to” know. Stacyknows is the “bible” for many — looked forward to and well read. She has featured items on Stacyknows related to my restaurant; they had clearly driven response and sales. Stacy is also a great person, kind, collaborative, creative and community minded.

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  1. Mack Collier says:

    Stacy I wanted to remind you on behalf of the entire #Blogchat community that we love you, and you make every discussion there so much better! Thank you SO much for being so amazing! <3

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