Fashionable Sunglasses from Top Designer Brands


Staying ahead of the fashion curve is easy when you accessorize with sunglasses from classic designer brands. With the right pair of shades, you can turn heads everywhere you go and feel invincible. And with so many incredible designer brands out there, like Ray-Ban, Prada, and Carrera, to name a few, there is always something out there that is going to turn your outfit up to 11. But with so many options out there, where do you start when you’re on the hunt for a fashionable pair of sunglasses? Well, let us help steer you in the right direction by telling you about some of our favorite pairs from some of the top designer brands out there.

Ray Ban

The brand that is the epitome of cool and classic, it’s just not possible to talk about designer sunglasses without mentioning Ray-Ban. This is the brand that has brought iconic pairs of shades after iconic pairs of shades. Two of the most popular and well-known are the Aviators and of course the Wayfarers, both of which have spawned countless similar styles, with almost every sunglasses brand in the world having its own version.

But for us, the pair we can’t look past in the Clubmaster. In the 50s, the prominent brow line style frame became a bit of an icon for the intellectual crowd. This style for glasses reigned as the most popular for the entire decade of the 50s and into the 60s, but it wasn’t until the 1970s, that Ray-Ban put their own spin on the distinctively bold upper rim frame and created a pair of sunglasses – the Clubmaster.

And from then on, this style has just continued to be one of Ray-Ban’s most popular, appearing in films, like Ferris Bueller and Reservoir Dogs, and remaining a retro-chic link to a bygone era.



A designer powerhouse, Prada is known for its glamourous and unconventional approach to fashion. Luxurious opulence may be the best way to summarize the Italian brand. The daring and wide range of designs has been made for the fashion bold.

A favorite brand amongst celebrities, when it comes to picking a favorite style of Prada sunglasses for us, it’s not easy – but if this devil is going to wear Prada, then we’re going to go for the Prada 54XS sunglasses. The over-sized geometric shape of the 54XS, with clean simple lines, makes them a versatile, classic, and somewhat sporty design. The air of mystery created with the oversized shape gives you the feel of the celebrity lifestyle, while the simple coloring of the gold frame and brown gradient lenses means that they will work for any outfit and any occasion.

Luxurious and versatile – that’s what we want in a pair of Prada shades.



Oakley is a brand synonymous with sports and their huge range of sunglasses designed to enhance, improve, and compliment your sporting lifestyle and performance is impressive. But Oakley also makes sunglasses that have been made for the every-day person!

Our favorite pair of everyday shades from Oakley would have to be the Frogskins. These babies were born in the 80s and have become a true icons of the era. With a pop-culture edge, the Frogskins were made to suit everyone, there isn’t a person who can’t pull a pair off, and thanks to almost endless color combos of the frames and lenses, everyone can find a favorite pair to suit them.

The Frogskins were brought back in recent years, and because Oakley knows the icon they have on their hands, they use the original tooling equipment from the 80s to make sure everyone can own a piece of history!


The motor racing world and Carrera go hand in hand. And though their sunglasses have been seen on legends of the racetrack – it doesn’t mean that you can’t dip your toe in and live your life in the fast lane in a pair of Carreras.

With a sporting edge and focus on innovation, Carrera creates performance sunglasses but definitely doesn’t let fashion and style take a backseat.

Our pick for the favorite would have to be the Carrera 1018s sunglasses. This is Carrera’s spin on the aviator. And what they have created is a stylish, fashion-forward, and protective rounded lens with a strong flat top bar. With leather detailing that provides a truly luxurious feel, 1018 is perfect for on and off the track!



Bold and rebellious – that’s the best way to describe the Police brand. With a focus on creating sunglasses that showcase their Italian heritage, while also keeping a finger pulse with contemporary designs, a pair of Police sunglasses are as at home on the runway, as they are on the streets.

Their sense of originality has seen a unique spin put on some classic frame shapes, as well as some designs that are truly their own.

An incredibly bold pair that we can’t go past is Police Origins 9. With a wraparound style frame and makes for a close and comfortable fit, the Origins 9 shades are lightweight and made to withstand the elements. The enveloping shield-like shape has a futuristic feel that will keep you looking ahead of the curve fashion-wise.


Sunglasses are the fashion accessory that can lift any outfit and make sure you’re always one step ahead of the fashion elite. The designer shades we’ve listed today are just the beginning, if you want to see more, click here to see some more specs that never go out of style.



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