The Top SEO Tools for Summer 2021

We are winding down the third quarter, so it is time to start evaluating our SEO strategies for the summer. Most businesses tend to offer exclusive seasonal deals and offers during this season, which means a new consumer base is online looking to connect and possibly convert. You can drive more traffic to your website using these tools, all selected to help optimize your SEO for the next wave of sales. More importantly, with COVID vaccinations continually being distributed in masses, in-person business is slowly starting to resume. This means it’s prime time to start advertising, and your on-page search engine optimization will play a fundamental role in getting your most valuable content seen.

The biggest factor you’ll want to look at as you plan your coming strategy is intent. User intent affects how people search and what web pages they are shown. To maximize visibility, you’ll want to boost traffic value using conversion-focused content that gets high in the search engines. This doesn’t mean you need to be Google’s top source in your industry – it just means you need to focus on getting shown to the right people for the most relevant keywords and phrases. Now, let’s take a look at three tools you can incorporate into your planning that will help you enjoy maximum conversions and revenue this summer.


One platform that does it all, that is the M.O. of SEMRush. In addition to researching keywords, you can also do content marketing, competitor research and manage your PPC and social media ad campaigns. This is a great tool to build a cohesive strategy that’s easily tweaked and fluctuates in response to new data. SEMRush supports paid ads, but the platform is grounded in helping businesses grow organically. You can run technical SEO audits to figure out what improvements need to be made to your site before posting any new content. You can also track your SERP rankings daily and compare and contrast how different pages and pieces of content perform.


When you are considering user intent, AnswerThePublic is an amazing resource to generate new content ideas. Sometimes, it feels like you’ve written all there is to know about your products and services, and rehashing the same topics doesn’t get you far. Instead of revisiting the same old subjects with slightly different keywords, you can listen in on what your target audience is searching for and provide answers. This tool simplifies the process of keyword research, giving you immediate insights into the public’s interest in a certain topic. Rather than having to scour your competitors’ site for blog post inspiration, you can get ahead of the game by crafting solution-based content based on trending inquiries.


You know backlinks are important for rank, but how do you acquire them quickly from authoritative sites? LinkHunter has your back. This tool automates the link search process and gives you plenty of guest post opportunities to consider. Tying in our question-and-answer content mentioned earlier, you could easily rake up at least a dozen links in a matter of a month with this tool. It’s a fast and easy way to bolster your SEO without losing hours to research.


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