Tips To Revitalize Your Cabinets with New Colors

Cabinets are essential parts of every home. They are found in different rooms around the house and usually used to store important items or even used to put items on display. As a result of cabinets being so heavily used in all homes, now and then, they may need some maintenance to keep them looking new and elegant. One of the most common and easiest ways out there to revitalize any cabinet is by giving it a new color. Here is exactly how you can use new colors to give your old cabinets a new life and keep your home looking young and classy.

Painting from Scratch

Once you have decided to change the color of your old cabinets, you will need to learn how you can paint them from scratch. The process is quite easy to do by yourself and you don’t need to hire anyone or spend a lot of money. You will just need to be well prepared and know the right steps so that you can get the job done easily with minimum hassle. To begin with, you will need to prepare your cabinets for the paint job. You will need to remove all the doors and handles to clear the way for the paint to go on easily without making a mess. You will also need to protect all the surrounding surfaces if you will be painting some parts without removing them from their original location so that fresh paint does not cause any permanent damage.

As soon as you are ready to begin the paintwork, you should start by sanding the cabinets and doors lightly to remove the old coat and get them ready for the new color. When you are painting your kitchen cabinets, the sanding will help you remove any build-up of grease as well as the old color so that the new color sticks easily and looks nicer. After sanding and degreasing the cabinet, you can then wipe them clean carefully before starting the priming process. This is a necessary step for wooden cabinets to add a protective coat that will enhance your painting results. Finally, you can apply the final coat or two of paint in the color of your choice and enjoy your newly revived cabinets.

New Color Ideas

Deciding to revive your old cabinets is easy. However, settling on a color choice can be the challenging part for some people. Giving your old cabinets a new color is not that hard, however, it is not a one day task that can simply be done with a paintbrush and a can of paint. You will need to plan out what theme you are looking to achieve and consider different factors, including where the cabinets are placed and how they are being used. There are endless options to choose from when it comes to choosing a new color idea for your storage or display cabinets. Here is some inspiration to help you decide on what route to take with the new colors.

Crown Molding Upgrade

For many people, repainting old cabinets is too much of a hassle. It can be messy and can take a lot of work and effort that they simply do not want to do. That should not stop them from upgrading their cabinets, as they can still give them a new color by using a crown molding upgrade. The molding can be added on top of your old cabinets without you having to remove the old coat of paint or getting your hands dirty with paint at all. It is usually just added on top of the cabinets and customized into the desired shape easily and quickly. The crown molding upgrade can be found in almost any color you please and is relatively cheap, yet offers elegant results in any room the cabinets are placed.

Bold Palettes

When it comes to choosing new colors for your old cabinets, many people shy away from bold palettes thinking they will not work with the rest of the house. However, some bold touches here and there can give a little lift, not just your cabinets, but the entire home and make it look much more lively. Consider playing around with bold and bright colors and make a statement and a personality change with the new colors to revitalize your entire home. You do not have to paint all the cabinets in fiery bold colors but at least consider adding touches of color here and there to balance the whole palette. Consider thinking about the color of the furniture in each room and work your palette around that to bring everything together and make it work nicely.

Chalkboard Cabinets

Changing the color of your cabinets can look good as well as add an element of practicality in some cases. If you are looking to have some fun with your change for the cabinets, especially those in the kitchen, you can apply chalkboard paint on the interior or exterior parts of the doors. This will come in handy to write shopping lists or simply have some fun painting on the cabinets and personalizing them whenever you feel like it. The great thing about chalkboard cabinets is that they are also super easy to clean and maintain, you’ll not have to worry too much about dealing with grease buildup or accumulating.

Once in a while, it may be a good idea to change up your cabinets and give them a new lease of life. You do not necessarily have to spend a fortune on your renovation process. All you will need to do is repaint your cabinets and revitalize them with some new personal color choices that will make your home look feel unique and fresh. Try not to shy away from bold color choices or creative touches that make a statement as that can make your home look more modern and lively and bring it all together. Make sure you do some research in advance to get inspired before you start work so that you can get the best results.