Gold is the New Black: 7 Affordable Ideas to Make Your Wardrobe Look Expensive


You don’t need to be dripping with cash to achieve a look that’s dripping with style. We’ve put together a list of 7 ideas to make you look like a million dollars, without spending it!

Belt Up

This is an easy and affordable hack to add flair to your outfit and give it a designer edge. Wear to cinch in a dress, jacket, or skirt for instant style and sophistication. For the best effect, go for a belt that contrasts with your clothes: pair a wide leather belt with a delicate floaty dress, or team a bright red belt with a blue denim skirt.

The secret of the belt is its ability to add an instant tailoring effect to your attire, and the way in which it frames your form, making it one of the most budget-friendly ways to upgrade your wardrobe.

Press the Button

Paying close attention to detail is an important way to keep your wardrobe looking chic. Be sure to replace lost buttons on garments, and have broken zips mended. Consider replacing outdated buttons with classier-looking options for a super easy way of reinvigorating well-loved items of clothing.

Accessorize with Care

Choosing the right accessories can make the rest of your outfit look expensive, but take some time to select the perfect item for maximum effect. For easily achievable elegance, opt for simple, timeless jewelry that isn’t too embellished or of too large a size. A delicate personalized gold name necklace makes the perfect choice to enhance any outfit and add understated glamor. This type of accessory will never go out of style and so, as an investment, it is literally worth its weight in the material it’s made of.

A pair of classic sterling silver or pearl stud earrings are another great option to achieve a luxe vibe, as is a well-chosen watch or a tortoiseshell hair grip.

Blaze a Trail

Invest in a tailored jacket or well-fitting blazer and add it to a basic High Street for a put-together, confident look. Make sure your investment works hard for you by choosing a colour that you know will work with your existing wardrobe, and step out in style.

Add Shimmer and Shine

Gold really is the new black when it comes to making your outfits look expensive. Adding some well-placed touches of this precious metal can add glamor and helps your look ooze wealth and status. Take care not to go over the top – a coordinated necklace and earring set is all that’s needed to uplevel an outfit when carefully matched.

Bags of Style

A well-chosen handbag can totally transform your outfit – but if you’re on a budget and buying new isn’t an option right now, there are things you can do to your current bag that will make a big difference.

It’s easy for bags to get scuffed and grubby – because we use them day in, day out, it’s just as easy to overlook the state that our handbags, clutches or totes have gotten into. Take some time to completely empty out your bag and, if it’s washable, run it through a quick cycle. If it can’t be stuck in the washing machine, then give it a thorough clean: leather cleaning wipes for sofas do just as good a job on a leather bag, or simply wipe over bags made of synthetic material or suede with a damp cloth.

Remove any ‘clutter’ that may have attached to your bag for a sleek, minimalist look that says ‘classy.’ For example, I have just paid a visit to my handbag in the closet, and can report that it currently boasts on its outside three and a half keyrings, a hairband, and a bit of stringy stuff that I suspect is the amputated tail of one of my daughter’s My Little Ponies. Removing all of the paraphernalia that may have attached, over the years, to your handbag is a quick and easy way to lift your entire look. And, in my case, prevent me from looking deranged.

Hair and Makeup

Don’t be tempted to overlook hair and make-up: getting these elements perfect are an affordable way to change the look of your entire ensemble and add that elusive glow of expense.

Blow drying and styling hair before leaving the house can make a huge difference, and adds polish to your overall look. Similarly, a few key items of cosmetics are an inexpensive way to ensure your outfit is finished to perfection. Consider visiting a cosmetic counter to find the perfect shades and tones without needing to risk wasting cash on items that turn out not to suit your complexion or wardrobe after all.

Hacks for a High Class Look

It only takes a few clever tweaks to give your outfit a luxe makeover, whether that’s by incorporating a subtle splash of gold, a tailored jacket or simply by making the most of the items you already own. Find the hacks that work for you, and apply them to your wardrobe to up the class, the glamor and the ‘I’m just soooo rich’ vibe.


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