How to Style Different Handbags

With so many different handbag styles out there, it can be difficult to choose which handbag is best for the occasion, or which handbag may suit your outfit best. Of course, the classics like Chanel bags are always a great option, but there are many more you can pick from. Your handbag doesn’t need to be a “grab and go” accessory; being able to style your handbags can make such a difference to your outfits, especially with the right designer bag and canvas. Here we look at how to style some of the most common handbag types out there at the moment.

Crossbody Bag

Crossbody bags come in an assortment of different styles and colors, and this makes them easy to style up or down, depending on the situation. A sweet white crossbody bag teamed with a floral dress is a fabulous choice in spring or summer. Crossbody bags are also very versatile in the fact that they can be used on the shoulder or across the body, depending on your outfit and preference.

Be careful not to wear the bag crossbody if the handle is short or your bag is heavy, as this can make your clothes seem ill-fitting and often don’t look good. A satchel crossbody bag can be styled up, and choosing the right one can further add class to your outfit. Try a pair of flared pants, a cute cami, heels and a killer crossbody bag for your next office night out or date night with your partner.


As backpacks are pretty versatile, it is easy to style one with most outfits. What you do need to be careful of are the color and style. If you like bold and bright, you should be careful about what you wear with your backpack if you don’t want it to clash. Teaming the right colors together can make your outfit look very put together.

If you are struggling to match your backpack with outfits, check out this cheat’s guide to the ultimate color combinations. You can also purchase designer backpacks that work well in the office setting, especially if you want to look classy and office chic while saving your shoulders. Backpacks are very much in right now, so ditch that office shoulder or tote bag and try a designer backpack this year.

Tote Bag

A tote bag is a great everyday choice for those shopping or office days. Outfit choices for a tote bag can be pretty relaxed as they go well with almost any style, but these bags aren’t recommended for dates or big nights out. Styling a tote bag with the right pair of jeans, ballet pumps, blouse, and blazer is just one fashionable option.

Tote bags are generally large, meaning you could even use it for your yoga or gym class, adding some extra style to your weekly sessions. The right pair of designer trainers teamed with a sweater dress and tote bag makes for a chic lunch date outfit for meeting your gal pals. Many people choose to jazz up their tote bag further with a boho scarf or bandana. Here are some imaginative ways to further style your outfit with the right scarf.

Belt Bag

Belt bags are becoming a statement fashion piece with some of the leading designers such as Saint Laurent getting behind this hip trend. SSENSE is home to over 100 Saint Laurent bags, housing everything from clutch to belt bags. Saint Laurent is a luxury brand that provides classic styles with a modern twist, making any outfit instantly more stylish. You can view the designer collection here.

Belt bags go well with a pair of bootcut jeans, jumper, and sneakers for an everyday look. You may also want to choose a designer belt bag for the festival season. During festivals such as Coachella, you want to look your best while keeping your belongings safe. The right belt bag can complete any outfit and ensures that your valuables are exactly where they should be.

The Black Handbag

If you’re unsure about styling your bag or like to wear quite quirky and colorful clothes, you truly cannot go wrong with a black handbag. A clutch or shoulder bag is the best choice for both day and evening use. Every woman should own at least one dressy handbag, and a black handbag is a simple and classic choice no matter what your style.

The best option here is probably a plain black handbag with a gold or silver chain strap, perhaps with a little added detailing. This enhances the look of any bag without it being too much and without it taking away from your outfit. It is also an added bonus if your strap can unclip from the bag – making it a clutch for classier occasions.

Your handbag should complete any outfit that you wear, and so choosing one that complements your wardrobe’s color scheme and style ensures that you can use your handbag with any outfit. It may be worth choosing a few handbags for different occasions such as work, lunch with a friend, or a date.


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