What are some of the cool fashion styles from around the world?


Fashion is revolutionary- every season brings with it a new set of trends. Many cultures and societies richly inspire the latest fashion trends; limiting fashion to one spectrum wouldn’t fit. Millennials and fashion enthusiasts always look for in-season trends, drawing their style inspiration from runways to designer showrooms and urban street style fashion. Even with fashion and style continually evolving, there are several staple pieces fashionistas are obsessing over.

Plaid patterns

The good old plaid print never goes out of style! Plaid fabrics were first popularized in Europe back in the eighties, and they have since grown to be a worldwide favorite. Plaid pants and coats, for one, are preppy and versatile, bridging the fine line between edgy and classic.


Clear accessories

Transparent clothing items may sound a little risqué; however, you may want to reconsider that. PVC bags, belts, and raincoats have gained a grounding in the millennial fashion world, and the possibilities are endless! Clear accessories like hats, belts, and bags are easy to pair with other ensembles leaving no room for clashing. On the flip side, lightweight raincoats liberate you from bulking an outfit you spent so much time putting together.


Natural tones

Natural toned apparels are now a go-to, even for those living over the edge with colors. Sandy-colored items blend perfectly with all colors, making them a wardrobe staple. The fashion world has since embraced neutral colors as they are easy on the eye, flattering to all skin tones, and leave plenty of room for experiment.


Statement bags

Nothing complements a look better than a statement bag. Bags come in versatile shapes and sizes, and they are a universal style accessory. From totes to waist packs and man bags, there is a variety to fit everyone’s style. The craze for bold dashiki prints can’t go unnoticed; people now feel culturally infused statement bags. Perhaps it’s time to get yourself that Maasai print purse or bohemian bag for the summer.

Candy-colored suits

Hard to go wrong with bright pop colors, especially when put together into a chic suit. Candy colors are fun, eccentric, and the most definite way to make bold fashion statements while standing out. Millennials adopt these daring colors in the most voguish ways, and we are all here for it!


Animal prints

Animal prints are timeless; even Diane von Furstenberg thinks so. Animal prints have made a comeback all thanks to Australians. From cheetah print pants to serpentine bags and cow print bucket hats, animal prints make one cool trend you don’t want to overlook. Millennials pair their animal print pieces with bold colors like orange and statement pieces like gold chokers and chunky heels for a dapper look.

Go logo

Slogan apparel is literal fashion statement pieces. From graffiti t-shirts to designer socks, fashion enthusiasts are rocking slogans in the wildest prints and colors. What better way to say it than in your favorite branded t-shirt? Big brand houses like Gucci and Louis Vuitton embrace this trend with their fans rocking their logos in stylish ensembles. Talk of allegiance!



Berets are in season, and we have South Africans to thank for it. Are you looking for an effective way to spice up your outfit without doing too much? Throw on a beret. These unisex headgears are timeless and sophisticated. Professional stylists vouch for berets to accentuate any face shape and compliment your hairdos.

The fashion world is continuously changing; however, there are some trends that people can’t seem to get enough of- some of these cool trendy styles are here to stay. Contemporary fashion is endowed with versatile pieces that will serve you throughout the seasons- summer, winter, spring, and fall. You don’t have to max out your cards at the store anymore; simply stack up on timeless wardrobe essentials, and you are good to go!


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