Who Are You


Who Are You?  

It’s not always so easy to be “who you are.”  We often lose ourselves to our parents when we are children and into our young adult years, then to our significant others, and then to our children. In trying to be so much to so many, we often lose the essence of who we really are. Sometimes we never even got to know who we are. The demands, distractions and the overall business of life get in the way.

Research has shown that people who are living life in sync with their core values and using their individual strengths in their daily life as opposed to trying to strengthen their weakness live far more flourishing, happier, longer lives.

As a Positive Life Coach and founder of LifeStep Coaching, Melissa Schnapp helps women figure out when they are at their best and add more of those activities to their lives so that they can be more engaged, present, and satisfied.

Understanding what is important to us and aligning our daily lives to those values can help us feel more fulfilled. Take the LifeStep Life Satisfaction Survey on her website (www.lifestep-coach.com) to gain awareness of how balanced (or unbalanced) you feel across all areas of your life.

Since she wants everyone to live a life they love, she has created a special offer just for StacyKnows readers. When you purchase 4 individual coaching sessions with Melissa, you will get 1 session free. Just mention StacyKnows when you contact her at melissa@lifestep-coach.com or at 914.420.1718.

About Melissa:

Melissa Schnapp (M.Ed., MAPP) is a Certified Life Coach and Founder of LifeStep Coaching. Embracing the principles of Positive Psychology, she helps her clients build confidence and take charge of their lives and their happiness. Melissa utilizes scientifically proven techniques to help identify meaningful goals and develop a plan of action, while offering support and encouragement throughout the process. Visit her online at www.lifestep-coach.com and follow her on Twitter @MelissaSchnapp.


Melissa Schnapp

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