Summer Entertaining in a Snap


You might be married, single, a full-time mom, or a total workaholic; you may own a house, have a 401k, or be riddled with student loans. Whatever the case, Serino and Fiorenza authors of  Twentysomething Girl: 1001 Quick Tips and Tricks to Make Your Life Easier
are here to pass on the summer entertaining tips.   Whether you are 25 or 52 these tips are really useful.



Summer Entertaining in a Snap


With warm-weather weekends here at last, we can’t think of a better way to usher in the season than with good friends, cocktails in hand and dining alfresco, of course. Here are some easy ways to get ready for summer soirees:


Stock up on quick apps

An impromptu get together is easiest when you don’t need to run to the market, so always have some easy hors d’oeuvres stashed in your freezer. We love frozen veggie pizzas. You can stick them in the oven before guests arrive and slice them up for instant snacking. Other favorites: mini quiches, puff pastries and spanakopitas.


Kick up the cute factor

Inexpensive entertaining essentials can easily dress up a mini gathering. Think colorful cocktail napkins (these start at under $1 at most big box stores), patterned paper straws and bright melamine platters to display appetizers. Make sure they all coordinate so it looks like it took you forever to put the spread together.


Memorize a good cocktail

It can be a pain to have a drink for everyone on hand at all times. You can’t always have a stocked fridge of wine, beer and mixers at the ready (that spells trouble…) but you can put together a signature cocktail. Nail a signature drink, whether it’s a lemonade vodka spritzer or a spiked iced tea, so guests can enjoy something special. Just let them know ahead of time and if it’s not their thing, they can BYO.


Cocktail Caipirihna a la Wikipedia
Cocktail Caipirihna a la Wikipedia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Comfort is key

A good hostess makes her guests comfortable at every turn. Have blankets nearby in case the weather dips a bit and guests get cold outside. Keep a pitcher of water out. These are things that visitors often want but might be too afraid to ask for. Make it easy for them!


Prepare for spills

Have a bottle of seltzer on standby in case anyone tips over the sangria. And if they do, graciously tell them it’s no trouble at all and that the stain will remind you of how lovely the night was!


Create a trash triangle

Make it easy for guests to clean up after themselves. Place a trash can by the food and one by drinks to lessen plates and cups scattered everywhere.


Clean the bathroom

Your whole house and outdoor space doesn’t need to be top-to-bottom tidy for a gathering. But if you do clean up one place, make it the bathroom. It’s the spot everyone will have a few minutes of solace to notice if it’s spic and span. Plus, no one likes a grimy restroom!


Make it memorable

Yes, we all love snapping pics with our iPhones, but there’s nothing like good old film to capture a fete with friends. Leave out some disposable cameras or set up a quick photo booth against a wall so you can elevate your memories of the night.



You don’t need to be in your 20′s to follow these 8 tips to take the stress out of summer entertaining,