Top 10 Tips for Graduation Party Planning From Morello Italian Bistro

graduation party ideas Graduation season is quickly approaching, and now is the time to start planning the perfect graduation celebration. Catalina Ramirez, the new private events coordinator and assistant general manager at Morello Italian Bistro on Greenwich Avenue, joins the restaurant just in time for graduation season, to offer her best tips for hosting a party either while dining out or staying home.  

When dining out:

  1. Limit the size of your party between 15 and 20 people. This makes for a more intimate and less-expensive affair – allowing you to spend more money on a special graduation present for your child while still having a great time with friends and family.
  2. The theme is obvious – so jazz it up with fun party favors and work with the
    restaurant for a playful table design. For a personalized touch, roll up napkins like diplomas and wrap ribbon around them in your child’s school colors.
  3. For parties larger than 12, work with the restaurant to determine a set menu. Pre-select a few family-style appetizers, then choose between two starters, three entrees and dessert. This way, party-goers can spend more time enjoying the company and less time figuring out what to order. 
  4. Most restaurants don’t object to letting you bring your own cake.  To avoid any unexpected complications, it’s a good idea to mention this to the restaurant host or manager when you’re making the reservation.
  5. Graduation is also a time of reflection, a look-back challenges and triumphs. Pay homage to this in a fun way by sending guests away with mini yearbook party favors with fond memories, photos, and highlights that include each of them. It’s a nice way to say thank you for being a part of your child’s life.

When staying in:

  1. Consider co-hosting a party with a friend or family member to save time and money. A combined party is a perfect opportunity to bring everyone together and share responsibilities.
  2.        Make sure your kitchen can get the job done. Finger foods are easiest to prepare and eliminate extra time in the kitchen. An alternative is to hire a caterer. Less time worrying about cooking allows you to focus on other items on your to-do list – and most importantly, your graduate
  3. The table is often the focal point of any party or sit-down feast. Everyone always gathers around the table, so make sure it’s eye catching with exciting centerpieces. Consider do-it-yourself decorations and party favors. Pinterest is an excellent place for special DIY projects, where you can get as creative as you please.
  4. Send out digital invitations, or invite guests by creating an event page on Facebook. It’s an easy way to keep track of who can and can’t attend without the added cost of mailed invitations.
  5. Make sure the day is about you and your family. After all the planning is done, spend time with your guests and enjoy – a high school or college graduation only comes around once!

Morello, located in the heart of Greenwich Avenue, features second-floor private event rooms overlooking the main dining room, bar and lounge below, offering a unique position below the tile vaulted ceiling designed by world-renowned architect Rafael Guastavino, Jr. Morello can accommodate up to 80 guests on the first mezzanine and 65 guests on the second mezzanine, with an overall restaurant capacity of up to 250 guests. For more information about hosting your next party at Morello, contact Catalina Ramirez at [email protected] or call 203-661-3443.