5th Annual Westchester Festival of the Arts

Come Discover ART as The Village of Scarsdale Hosts the

Westchester Festival of the Arts on May 17-18, 2014

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Journey to the Village of Scarsdale on May 17-18, 2014 for the return of the Westchester Festival of the Arts, once again graciously hosted by the Scarsdale Chamber of Commerce and now in its fifth year.  Watch the downtown streets of the Village transform into an exquisite outdoor gallery of art brought to Scarsdale by artisans journeying to the Village from around the country and overseas.  Select from unique, handmade and one-of-a-kind creations by sculptors, painters, jewelers, glass artists, photographers, digital artists, fiber and ceramic artists along with masterpieces in mixed-media, metal, and wood. Become an art collector or add to your existing art collection!  Remember: art not only enriches your home and workplace – most importantly, it enriches your life!


Enjoy the opportunity to meet and talk with the artisans.  Learn how they were trained and their skills honed.  Knowing how your specific pieces were created adds inestimable value to your lifelong appreciation of the art. Know that many of these award-winning and acclaimed artists are represented in major museums and prestigious private collections throughout the world.


Hours of the Westchester Festival of the Arts are Saturday May 17 from 10am-6pm and Sunday May 18from 11am-5pm. Admission is free. Located on Chase Rd. with abundant free garage parking surrounding the Festival, the show is conveniently located only a short walk from the Scarsdale Metro North Station. Be a part of the Westchester Festival of the Arts. You need only bring your sense of discovery and appreciation of the beautiful!


For more information about the Westchester Festival of the Arts or schedule an interview with an artist or Bill Kinney, the Festival Director, call 941-487-8061 or e-mail Bill at admin@paragonartfest.com.  For more images or larger file sizes for articles, contact Ron Mellott at: 812-824-5996 or by e-mail at: fuji680@bluemarble.net