Tips: Surviving Valentine’s Day for the Newly Divorced

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Around Valentine’s Day, divorce rates skyrocket by nearly 40%.

General health practitioner and divorcee, Dr. Muhammad Mirza M.D., is the founder of, an outlet that offers advice and tips from a variety of qualified sources for divorced people in all stages of life.

Dr. Mirza compiled the following tips for the newly divorced on how to survive Valentine’s Day this year.



un happy-alone

Tips for the Newly Divorced this Valentine’s Day

  1. Focus on you. Valentine’s Day, which celebrates love, is the perfect time to focus on loving yourself. Buy a nice bouquet of flowers or that chocolate you’ve been craving. Newly divorced people should never feel like they can’t partake in some self pampering on Valentine’s Day.


  1. Call out sick. Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year. Avoid all of your co-workers gushing over flowers or evening plans and go have fun! See a movie or check out those post-season sales at a department store.


  1. Get away. Bring a single friend with you on a weekend getaway to a fun hotspot such as New York or Las Vegas. A quick trip with a fun friend can be a blast and stop you from dwelling on your ex.


  1. Keep busy. If are looking for good ways to keep busy and dodge all of the gooey couples on Valentine’s Day, spend time volunteering at a  local animal or homeless shelter.  You’ll feel great doing something kind for others and it will also be a nice distraction from the holiday.


  1. Single power. Have lots of single friends? Invite them over for a fun night in. You can keep your distance from all of the couples spending the evening out and also save money by not having to pay inflated holiday restaurant prices.


  1. Laugh a little. Couples drop extreme amounts of money on this Hallmark holiday. Get excited that this lover’s holiday isn’t burning a hole in your pocket and laugh a little thinking of all those people dropping their money on one night out.