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Holiday Inspiration From New Canaan

The holidays are almost upon us, so following are three different gift ideas to bestow [see more...]

Kiehl’s Friends and Family

Kiehl’s Friends & Family sale event is here! Use this bargain opportunity to stock up on [see more...]

Tips: Surviving Valentine’s Day for the Newly Divorced

Around Valentine’s Day, divorce rates skyrocket by nearly 40%. General health practitioner and divorcee, Dr. Muhammad [see more...]

Valentine’s day “must buys” for Techies

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!  Flowers and chocolates are always good in a [see more...]

7 Tips to Burn Calories to Make Room for that Thanksgiving Meal (Plus Leftovers!)

Thanksgiving is a great time to gather with friends and family, but did you know it’s [see more...]

IntoxiKate Holiday Guide

Just in time for Thanksgiving—introducing the IntoxiKate Holiday Guide. From Turkey Day to New Year’s, [see more...]

Holiday Kick Of Party at Rocks by Jolie B Ray Friday 11-7 in Armonk NY


Wine and Shopping at Uovo Moderno

Come and check out a provocative and interesting line of table and serving ware for [see more...]

Five Ways to Make Halloween Fit and Healthy

Halloween is a great time for physical fitness.  Don’t believe me?  Check out these five unique fitness [see more...]

How to Break Up With Someone

Are you a heartbreaker? How do you minimize someone else’s pain (yes, even those times [see more...]

Stella & Dot Memorial Day Sale

Fabulous sale alert! Stella & Dot is offering up to 50% off sale items and free shipping [see more...]

New Mother’s Day E-Card Features Music and Dance in Celebration of All the Feats Moms Accomplish Every Day

It’s a comical, Mother’s Day montage of catchy music and “dances” mothers do in their [see more...]

Father’s Day Watches to Crave from Woodrow Jewelers

It is never too early to think about Father’s day or graduation. I was speaking [see more...]

Can you really meet & marry in 1 year?

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but love is still in the air. Bari Lyman–author [see more...]

Valentine’s Night the Sexiest night of the year!

SEX IN THE SUBURBS is your monthly subscription to Lust, Love & Laughs. I do [see more...]

Pre-Valentine’s Day Men’s Night Out at Landsberg Jewelers

Landsberg Jewelers’ Pre-Valentine’s Day Men’s Night Out~ LADIES – Stop in to create your Valentine’s [see more...]

Five Fun, and Unique Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day Together

Americans spend over $13 billion on Valentine’s Day buying candy, flowers and jewelry, or going out [see more...]

Staying at home for New Year’s Eve far more popular than going out

Twice as many Americans plan to go to bed before midnight on New Year’s Eve [see more...]

Holiday Tipping: Tips and Taboos

The expected ritual of holiday tipping need not be awkward, uncertain, or stressful. Because many [see more...]