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Are you concerned about your health and fitness? Are you particularly concerned about muscle mass in certain parts of your body? Ever looked at those lanky arms and wished they had more muscle? Wished you had more strength and vigor for daily activities? Quit wishing things were different, and do something about it. Take your health and fitness to new levels by getting a FREE TESTOSTERONE MEASUREMENT – your health might depend on it.

What Do I do If I Have Low Testosterone Levels

There are a few different things that you can do if you take the test and realize that your testosterone levels have dropped. First of all you an consult your doctor about getting a testosterone prescription that can be a gel or deodorant. If you don’t want to visit the doctor there are a lot of other methods to increase testosterone production. The options for OTC testosterone boosters like TestRush, MalePill orTestWorx are seemingly endless and can get you started. Next you may want to drop a few pounds to help relase the binding globulin from you system. Essentially testosterone binds to proteins and you can’t access it. Which is why losing weight helps boost test levels. Finally you can increase your exercise. Remember having a poor test result doesn’t mean you cant fix the issue. It is just an indicator “if” you need to fix the issue.

How to Measure Testosterone:

– Start by taking this free survey-assessment. If the answer is yes to any of these questions, your Testosterone level is too low. After dinner, do you just crash to bed? Has your work been suffering because you simply lack the drive you once had? What about your interest in sports, has it sagged? Are you sad, grumpy and lack energy?

– Testing your hormones at home has never been easier. Armed with this new information about your hormones and testosterone levels can help you make better health decisions. Knowing that you need a boost will help you take the next step in an informed manner. For example, if you are a male and your testosterone level is below 400 ng/dl, then a boost would definitely help your health.

– Saliva testing – The basic female/male saliva profile kit will reveal any hormone imbalance. Visit http://www.salivatest.com for full details. When your kit arrives, partially fill it with saliva and mail it in. It takes approximately two weeks to be processed. Costs for home tests vary and range from $59 to $120.

– Visit your local doctor between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. and run a blood test to determine your testosterone levels. Normal values in male adults are 300 to 1000 ng/dL, and in females 15 to 70 ng/dL. If your total testosterone falls below 400 ng/dl, doctors normally recommend Testosterone replacement. This link will show how the blood test is performed:


– Listen to your body. Are you often fatigued, restless or depressed? All these symptoms are tell-tale signs that your Testosterone is off balance.

If your home tests and doctors’ assessments indicate low levels, give yourself a boost using both natural and artificial meansThat might be the answer to your suffering body image and less-than-robust health.


– Various natural formulations are now available on the market. For example, Nugenix, is a special blend of 50% Fenuside from Fenugreek, plus zinc and vitamins B12 and B6.

Fun trivia

– Testosterone levels are highest earliest in the day. This link provides a guide to levels, but it is important to interpret results in conjunction with other overall tests that your doctor recommends:


– Falling in love – decreases levels in men and increases in women. Is this a no-win situation or what?

– Fatherhood also decreases levels.

– If you are woman who has lost both her womb and ovaries, be aware that this can be a significant contributing factor for low Testosterone levels.

Final Notes

Whether you are a man or woman, it does not matter. Lack of testosterone impairs health and causes osteoporosis and brittle bones. In men, testosterone is the anti-aging hormone, so it is important to get those steroids. Worst case scenario is that the fetus you are carrying if you are pregnant may develop as a woman, if levels are too low.


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Eric Materson helps companies research the effects of testosterone in lab animals.


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