How To Get a Job in Health Care

Chances are you have chosen which industry you want to work in before you start gathering college degrees and technical certifications, but many positions can be overlooked because they are not associated with the industry at first glance. For instance, a job in the health care industry can include administration, data analysis, or clinical technician. Once you choose a career field, you can gather the necessary degrees and certifications, sometimes while working an entry-level job in a related area.

Choose a Career Field

There are many career fields associated with health care and they are usually divided into categories of clinical, technical, support, and administration. Some of these fields can overlap with other industries and open more than health care jobs to you. An MBA in health care, for instance, can help you get that hospital administration job as well as jobs in health insurance, research, and development or in government administration.

Pick a School

Check the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business accreditation of the universities you choose for your degrees because potential employers will. The AACSB draws on input from higher learning communities and businesses to help shape degree programs and ensure that graduates have the necessary knowledge and skills for the job. This helps you be more confident in your choice of education programs and can open doors to career paths in almost any industry because employers can use the AACSB stamp of approval to tell them the types of things you learned while earning your degree.

Get Degrees and Certifications

Once you know which career you want to pursue, it is time to research which degrees and certifications are required and recommended for the position. Many hospitals and insurance companies, for instance, will only hire those with a healthcare MBA or MHA for administrators, analysts, and consultants. While you can pursue a Master of Health Administration, the focus on business aspects such as finance and data analytics found in a Master of Business Administration allows for more versatility both in career choice and on the job.

Start Low and Climb High

When you are aiming for a management position, it is important to remember that you will have to take an entry-level position first and work your way up. This gives you on-the-job training and experience that can inform your decisions as a team leader and manager later. Many times, you can even take the entry-level job while you are earning the degrees and certifications necessary for management. It is rare for employers to require degrees for a position without also including related experience, so designing your resume to relate past jobs to skills needed for management career can help you jump a rung or two on the ladder.

Jobs in the health care industry can include more than just the clinical side of businesses such as hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices. You can build a career in health care administration with an MBA from an AACSB accredited school. With more options for online education, you can earn your degrees while working your way up the ladder to the management career you have always dreamed of.

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