New Mother’s Day E-Card Features Music and Dance in Celebration of All the Feats Moms Accomplish Every Day

It’s a comical, Mother’s Day montage of catchy music and “dances” mothers do in their daily lives. The “I Fed 3 Kids and STILL Got to My 9AM Meeting ON TIME,” “The Healthy Food Shopping Shake,” and “The Raise the Minimum Wage Roof” illustrate some of the aspects of motherhood that moms juggle on a regular basis.


These are just a few of the vignettes portrayed in “‘The Evolution of Mom Dance!”Mother’s Day video from MomsRising, the online and on-the-ground grassroots organization for moms and everyone who has a mom. has more than a million members who will be receiving the personalized e-card this weekend.  They will then be able to send the card to their own mom, or other mom friends, customizing it by inserting the individual names of the recipient.  The card can be personalized by the sender by visiting


“‘The Evolution of Mom Dance!’ shows the many dances that moms have to perform in order to work and to care for their families, as well as to push for better economic and family-oriented policies,” said MomsRising Executive Director Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner. “The video makes people laugh, but also reinforces our resolve to keep fighting for family-friendly policies including fair pay, access to earned sick days, affordable childcare, family leave policies after the birth of a child, reducing toxins in our homes and environment, improved health care, flexible workplace policies, and much, much more.”


A clever mix of issues that moms take on is interwoven into the remainder of the video.  The challenges all moms face are carefully choreographed in “No Sleep ‘TIL Kindergarten,” “The Flexible Work Schedule,” “The Fair Pay Fandango,” and “The I Still Got It, Right?” The penultimate number is a dramatic dance performance called, “Break the Glass Ceiling,” complete with a leaping mom with a sledgehammer breaking a “glass” ceiling above her and being rained upon by silver streamers. The final dance showcases all the moms dancing and holding up banners reading, “You’re the Best Mom Ever” and “Happy Mother’s Day.”  The video ends with your customized message telling that special mom, “You’re an amazing mom” and “Happy Mother’s Day.”


The Mother’s Day e-card is a perfect way to celebrate all the actions MomsRising members have taken over the years. They include sending email messages to policy makers; sharing personal stories about the need for family-friendly policies; meeting with policy makers and making in-person deliveries of messages; signing onto petitions encouraging companies to improve their policies; rallying at state houses and the Capitol; and more.


Dozens of diverse organizations across the country have signed on to share the love and encourage their members to use the video.