Five Ways to Make Halloween Fit and Healthy


Halloween is a great time for physical fitness.  Don’t believe me?  Check out these five unique fitness tips to keep you fit and healthy during Halloween, from Shana Schneider, fitness expert and Founder of  FITWEEK, a fitness company dedicated to helping women turn any week into a fitweek.








Even if you’re not on the front-line, the candy, gum and treats for Halloween find a way of making it front and center.  So, instead of the guilt, stay fit and healthy with these five Halloween fitness tips from FITWEEK ™.


1.     Be the kid, go trick-or-treating.  Make it an event by going shopping with your friends for cool Halloween costumes, then chart a long walk in any neighborhood and have your own trick-or-treat event.   If you have kids, dress up with them and bring your friends along, expand the group and get some exercise.



2.     Find a pumpkin patch. Searching for the perfect plump pumpkin can be a fun and active event of lifting and turning. Look for pumpkin patches and orchards near you and make it an outing.



3.     Turn the trick-or-treating candy event into an exercising event.  In between trick-or-treaters, do the following exercises to tone and tighten your arms and legs:

a.     10 side leg lifts

b.     10 squats

c.      10 bicep curls

d.     10 tricep curls



4.     Have a taffy pull.  An old-fashioned taffy pull is both fun and demanding on the arms.  The taffy pulling part of making taffy is a great workout for biceps and triceps.  The best part: you can roll and wrap your taffy when you’re done and hand it out on Halloween as your own homemade candy treat.



5.     Go on a ghost tour. Many cities have spooky walking tours that will raise your spirits and perhaps others, too! Check out daily deal sites for special offers around this time of year.