Summer Fashion Staples: Must-Have Women’s Shorts for Every Fashionista

It is almost that time, ladies, to take the shorts out of storage for summer. Choose the correct styles; you can feel comfortable wearing them during hot temperatures. Keep reading for women’s shorts that LA-based brand Sanctuary said you need for your stylish summer wardrobe.

Biker shorts

Biker shorts are so comfortable and versatile that you could be hanging out on your couch binge-watching a show one minute, heading out the door for an exercise class the next, and meeting friends for smoothies after. Wear them as is, but they are also ideal under longer skirts to prevent the dreaded summer chafing.

Faux leather shorts

These shorts for women from Sanctuary are chic, and sexy and add an edge to any outfit. Black faux leather shorts are ideal, they can go with practically any top. However, before you wear them out for a full day, test them for a few hours when it is hot. Some faux leather shorts can make you feel incredibly warm as the temperatures rise, so wearing them for a little while can give you an idea of how you would feel sporting them for a longer time.

Paperbag shorts

Paperbag women’s shorts tend to be exceptionally flattering if you get them in the correct size. Many have a belt or a bow cinching the waist as a charming, stylish final touch. So whether you are wearing a tank top or another one of your favorite shirts, tuck it in to let the decorative waist of the shorts stand out.

Chino shorts

Chino shorts offer a more formal style and polished look, making them perfect for work. They also typically feel lightweight, even in hot weather. Pair them with low-key tank tops for casual wear or more structured button-ups and a trendy bag if you are sporting the shorts in a professional setting.

Bright-colored shorts

Women should have at least one pair of bright-colored shorts in their summer wardrobe. Ladies who usually opt for black, khaki, tan, or denim shorts might shy away from this bold option, but they are a fantastic way to add more color to your outfit in an understated way. For example, consider women’s shorts in a bright cerulean hue instead of traditional denim.

If you are still deciding what top to wear with bright-colored shorts, go with the basics. But, of course, white and black go with everything; chances are you already have t-shirts or tank tops in those shades that would beautifully complement the shorts.

High-waisted shorts

According to Sanctuary, high-waisted shorts are having a big moment this year. Tuck your shirt in to let the shorts emphasize your waist for a flattering and fabulous effect. Many styles are available, including high-waist sailor shorts, so you can choose the pair that makes you feel like the most fierce woman in the room.

Lace shorts

Lace shorts have a delicate, feminine, and glamorous look. Pair them with tucked-in tank tops or tees. If you want more coverage, consider a long-sleeve lightweight button-up or a tailored blazer over a camisole.

It is better to tuck in your shirt to put the ornate women’s shorts on full display. Clothing brand Sanctuary reports that even if there are belt loops, you may feel the shorts look better without the belt as the lace style is strong enough to stand independently.

Bermuda shorts

As reported by Sanctuary, it is hard to beat the polished, professional vibe of Bermuda shorts. These women’s shorts typically hit right at the knee or slightly above. Although they are a superb option for summer, they are not always the most flattering. If you want Bermuda shorts as part of your wardrobe, find a pair that makes you look your best.

Denim shorts

There is almost no top that denim shorts cannot complement. It is hard to beat the ability to be in a rush, grab practically any shirt in front of you, and put together a fabulous summer outfit in seconds. They even go great over the bottom of a bathing suit.

Other than their versatility, two additional benefits make these women’s shorts a must-have for the summer. But first, choose the right pair; they can be extremely flattering and comfortable in various summer settings.

Pajama shorts

Fashionistas do not just have to flaunt their fantastic style when they walk out their front door. When you are relaxing at home, sometimes it is all about pure comfort first, with style coming in at a close second. That is where pajama shorts come in.

These women’s shorts are ideal for when you are feeling great but also when you are not necessarily feeling your finest. Many stylish pajama shorts are fashionable and cozy enough to lounge around for the day. Opt for ones with a drawstring so you can adjust them as desired.

Every woman who loves summer fashion should have a wide array of women’s shorts available so there is never a shortage of phenomenal outfit opportunities. Establish a good base collection for your summer wardrobe that you can build out as the season progresses. Many chic options, like denim shorts, can continue to be a trendy part of your hot weather style every year after you buy them.


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