A Guide To Shopping Designer Work Bags For Women Who Mean Business


The new year is here, and what better way to launch into the first quarter of the year than to switch things up with designer work bags? You’ve worked hard all year—reward yourself with a functional statement piece for the year you’re about to tackle next.

Fashionista or not, would it not feel great to have a designer work bag you can fit all your work files, laptop, perfume, water bottles, and even makeup? Luckily, we have got you covered. Let us help you find the perfect designer work bag that will make you feel confident at work with these pro selection tips.

Target Quality Material

When we think of designer work bags, stylish, spacious, and practical are what come to mind. But first, we must scrutinize the material to ascertain its durability. The material used to make a work bag or any bag has a significant say on how long it will last. Fortunately, there are many unique designer work bags available that are composed of durable materials. Leather remains at the top of the quality material chain for designer work bags. Given their durability and ability to handle weight, leather bags are among the best recommendations.

Von Baer Exquisite Leather Bag

“Exquisite Leather Bag from Von Baer”

The Exquisite Leather Bag from Vonbaer.com is a slim laptop briefcase that’s perfect for work. It has two stylish handles attached to the side, as well as a detachable shoulder strap when you need to keep your hands free. The high-quality full-grain Italian leather is exceptional and comes with a certificate of quality called Pelle Conciata al Vegetale in Toscana. Buy on Von Baer.

Target Spacious Designs

For obvious reasons, space is a must-have feature of any spectacular work bag. A perfect designer work bag should comfortably accommodate and store your bare necessities. A good tip is to look for designs with tidy compartments that can fit whatever needs concealing for a successful and productive day on the go and at work.

Bag designs with roomy open tops usually have a handful of zippable pouches that carry your indispensables without straining the inner lining. So, for a bag to be considered spacious, it must have enough space to fit all the essentials, including a laptop, a notepad, a phone, pens, makeup, and other thoughtful additions like a water holder, perfume, and a healthy snack to keep you pumped.

However, if you prefer smaller bags, a practical option is mid-sized bags. Midi designer work bags are neither too big nor too small and can double for work and social events. Because of how well these bags can multitask, midi-length designer work bags will forever be in style.

Target Water And Stain-Resistant Designs

The bags’ interiors and exteriors must be easy to clean, with stain and water resistance qualities that keep you from worrying about getting a little dirt or food stain on your bag. Go for a designer work bag that is not only durable but can retain its shine and visual appeal despite vigorous usage. Consider bags with extra features such as scratch resistance on the inner and outer constructs and a durable lining.

Target Versatile And Stylish Strap Designs

Alongside size, style, and visual appeal, target work bags with strap features that allow you to style your bag for a professional appearance. Many designer work bags also come with adjustable straps that you can strap over the shoulder or wear crossbody, thanks to the detachable and adjustable shoulder strap features.

Choosing a resilient bag design that is best suited for work on the go owing to its convenient carry-on features is another plus. With the right choice of bold, stylish, and versatile designer work bags, your fashionable showstopper bag will have eyes on you all day.

Target Neutral Colored Designs

To be deemed stylish, a designer work bag must-have fashionable colors that go well with most clothes in your work closet, just like every other bag. Luckily, you cannot go wrong with dominant colors like black and brown. These colors are perfect for every work outfit and are elegant colors that will never go out of style. Other colors, like navy blue, white, and cream, are also choices you can consider.


Start afresh this year with exquisite designer work bags. Choose versatile, different, chic, bold, and, most importantly, new and stylish. Your perfect designer work bag will have you striding in and out of anywhere that would keep gazes on you.