How To Choose The Right Swimwear For Your Body Type

 Shopping for swimwear can become challenging because there’s so much to consider. You’ll want to choose a swimsuit that’s flattering and stylish. It should also come in any color, print, or fabric you like. While this task may seem tiresome as the swimwear options are endless, there is a way to reduce your constant browsing and come up with a desirable choice.

Using your body shape to find a swimsuit is the most helpful way to find one that fits you. Thus, if you’re looking for a swimsuit made uniquely for your figure, you can start by understanding which cuts to look out for.

Here’s how to choose the right swimwear for your body type.

Pear Shaped

If you have a pear-shaped body, otherwise known as a triangle shape, you generally have a smaller bust and narrow shoulders with wider or curvier hips and thighs. Thus, the best swimsuits for you will try to even out your proportions and give you a streamlined silhouette. You can also choose swimsuits that cover your upper legs, stomach butt, and thigh areas, like a wrap or skirt.

The key is choosing flattering swimsuits such as a strapless bandeau bikini top that draws the eyes upwards and a high-waisted bikini bottom to slim out your natural curves. For instance, this can also be applied to Bydee Australian designed swimwear with halter straps, plenty of texture, and ruffled or ruched detailing around your bust. Avoid boyleg cut shorts or any bottom with straps and embellishments around your hip area, as this only creates more volume on the lower part of your body.


A slim body type is defined as ‘tube-shaped’ where your bust, shoulders, hips, waist, and thighs are the same or similar in size and width. In other words, your body looks straight up and down with little to no visibly defined muscles or curves. As such, your slim frame can use one-piece suits that plunge right down to your navel and that hug your body. You can also pull off strapless bikini tops and high-cut shorts that show off your legs.

If you’re comfortable showing more skin, you can opt for bikinis with thin straps. Otherwise, look for swimsuits that have graphic prints and colors or ones with fun designs such as peplum or ruffled details on the hem. If you have a slim body with a short torso, swimsuits with vertical lines and two-toned bikinis can serve you well by making you look taller.

Athletic Or Lean

Many fitness girls have bodies shaped by sports, gyms, and training that can be described as lean or athletic. These body types are slim with some defined muscles, while athletic bodies could be more muscular. If you fall into this category, try to choose a swimsuit that creates the illusion of curves. This can be done with swimsuits sitting on your hips with plenty of straps that wrap around your body.

Monokinis are thus a great choice as they create shapes with cutouts and side ties. These shapes then highlight your hips and bust area to add dimensions. When you need a swimsuit for water sports, a one-piece t-shirt swimsuit is most suitable. If you have a lean or athletic body type with wide shoulders, be aware of halter straps and high-waisted swimsuits as they can overemphasize these top or bottom parts when you want an evened-out silhouette.


Your body shape is hourglass if your curves are proportioned with a medium to large bust, a smaller waist, rounded hips, and larger thighs or bottom. Fortunately, with your body being almost evenly shaped, you have the most options when choosing swimsuits, as most will flatter your curves and can emphasize your womanly shape. The key to pulling this off is finding the proper support for your bust and getting the correct size. You want to aim for an elastane fabric-made swimsuit that’s stretchy but fits snugly.

In this case, a one-piece body-con swimsuit with a cinched waist will make your legs look longer while keeping your bust pushed up. Classic cut bikinis with a low rise bottom and a high neck crop bra top will beautifully bring out your natural curves. There’s not much to avoid when choosing a swimsuit for your hourglass shape. Just be aware of low plunging V-neck-designed suits as they might not give you the best structure or comfort.


Choosing the right swimwear for your body type is about being aware of your body’s proportions, from your shoulders to your thighs. Doing this can help you find outfits that can enhance certain areas while minimizing others. The general rule to keep in mind is wide and curvy body types should aim for high waists, bust supports, and uplifting cuts.

Slim and athletic figures can use different shapes and cutouts to create a more rounded figure. In the end, you know your swimsuit is perfect and functional when it balances out your proportions and makes you feel comfortable. More importantly, it makes you feel confident and swimming ready.