Dating Do’s and Don’ts: Expert Advice from Bloom Matchmaking Founder, Paula Pardel


As summer heats up, so does the desire for summer romance. Whether you’re seeking a lasting connection or just want to have some dating insurance, it’s essential to approach the dating scene with the right mindset. Enter Paula Pardel, the doyenne of dating and the founder of Bloom Matchmaking. With years of experience in connecting people and creating lasting relationships, Paula offers valuable insights into the world of dating. In this blog post, we’ll explore Paula’s top eight dating do’s and don’ts, known as the dreaded date killers, to help you navigate the dating landscape with confidence.

Dating Do’s:

  1. Be honest, open, and clear about what you’re looking for Setting your intentions from the beginning ensures that both parties are on the same page and eliminates potential misunderstandings.
  2. Ask interesting open-ended questions: Engage your date in meaningful conversations by asking thought-provoking questions. Discovering common interests and shared experiences can lay a solid foundation for a deeper connection.
  3. Relax and be yourself: Authenticity is key. Allow your true personality to shine through, as this is the best way to establish a genuine connection.
  4. Have fun and embrace the adventure: Dating should be an enjoyable experience, so don’t take it too seriously. Embrace the excitement and embrace the possibilities that come with meeting new people.
  5. Follow your intuition and trust your gut: Pay attention to your instincts. If something feels off, listen to that inner voice. Trusting your intuition can help you avoid potential pitfalls and find the right match.
  6. Learn from every dating experience: Even if a date doesn’t go as planned, view it as a stepping stone toward finding the person you’re truly searching for. Each encounter provides valuable lessons and brings you closer to your ideal match.
  7. Be open to new experiences and different types of people: Expand your horizons and embrace diversity. Don’t limit yourself to a particular type or set of expectations. Sometimes, the most unexpected connections can lead to something extraordinary.
  8. Look your best, both for your date and yourself: Show respect for your date by dressing appropriately for the occasion. Additionally, taking care of your appearance boosts your self-confidence and allows you to present your best self.

Dating Don’ts:

  1. Being late: Punctuality is a sign of respect. Being on time shows that you value your date’s time and creates a positive first impression.
  2. Displaying bad manners: Avoid constantly checking your phone, practicing poor etiquette, or engaging in behavior that may come across as rude. Be present and attentive during your date.
  3. Not actively listening: Communication is a two-way street. Give your date the attention they deserve by actively listening and avoiding the temptation to talk over them.
  4. Dressing up in costume outside of Halloween: While creativity is admirable, wearing a costume on a regular date may be off-putting. Dress appropriately for the occasion to ensure a comfortable atmosphere.
  5. Flirting with other people: Focus your attention on the person you’re dating. Flirting with others sends a clear message that you’re not fully invested in the current connection.
  6. Drinking excessively: It’s important to enjoy a drink responsibly and not let alcohol cloud your judgment or hinder your ability to connect genuinely.
  7. Not showing up: Canceling plans last minute or not showing up without prior notice is disrespectful and shows a lack of consideration for your date’s time and feelings.
  8. Bringing up your ex: Avoid discussing past relationships during a date. It’s best to focus on the present and the person in front of you.


“You have to ‘market’ yourself,” Pardel said.  What you put out there is what you get back, so choose your actions wisely.”


About Paula Pardel

“If more people were in happy healthy relationships the world would be a better place.”

                                                                                    –Paula Pardel, Bloom Matchmaking

Paula Pardel has always loved connecting people.  Back in 2018, upon seeing an ad for a matchmaker, she knew this could be her calling.  So she set out on a new career.  While the original matchmaking company folded, Paula didn’t.  She took the opportunity to start her own matchmaking company.  And it was, in fact, love.

Paula launched Bloom Matchmaking in 2020—perhaps not the best timing.  But throughout a pandemic and its aftermath, the company thrived as did the many lasting relationships Paula arranged.

Paula believes in doing things the right/ethical way.  As a matchmaker, she coaches her clients to show up as their best selves and coaches them throughout the dating process.

“I am proud of what Bloom Matchmaking has accomplished. Over the years I’ve learned a lot and honed my skills in connecting the right people,” Paula said. “I collaborate with a wonderful network of matchmakers all over the world. We offer each other advice, and help matching clients.”