PureThread PopUp Store in Bedford


PureThread is an internationally recognized taste-maker community in sustainable luxury fashion. We offer personal styling and exclusive curated collections seasonally showcasing visionary designers whose work is at the forefront of contemporary, luxury sustainable fashion.




Tell me about The PureThread Pop Up Store. 

This store will be our most unique shopping experience yet! And we invite women from all over Westchester to come and experience it with us as we will present the best ethical fashion, organic skin care, jewelry, home and garden in a relaxed environment. We want people to experience our unique point of view.



Which brands will be featured at the PureThread Pop Up Store? 

Great design is the central, underlying philosophy of the store and of our designer selection. The choice of each brand is based on quality design, beauty, luxury, and responsibility on a social or environmental level. We have curated the selection to include something for everyone at different price levels. The result is a contemporary collection of items that are clean in form yet exquisitely selected.

Choose from exciting options from a classic merino sweater from Organic by John Patrick, to a long black dress by Maiyet, to comfortable organic cotton Peruvian hand knit sweaters by Indigenous, a reversible coat from M.Patmos, or oversized silk blazer from Suzanne Rae.  Look also for inspired fashion offerings from a wealth of international designers and Scandinavian artists including H Fredriksson, Kristensen Du Nord, Samuji, and everyday layering basics in organic cotton from Groceries.organic-john-patrick




The pop-up also offers a chance to test a new brands, including a favorite organic skin care brand, Nourish London, first debut in the US. The shop’s offerings go beyond fashion and jewelry to kitchen and home textiles, with deliciously nutritious meals and cold-pressed juices available in the garden. 



To showcase some brands in depth, we will present “Special Guest” appearances during which the designer can express her own vision and style in a more intimate and profound way. Additionally, each day we will present a different jewelry collection.


 Your studio is based in NYC, so why Bedford New York for the Pop Up?

PureThread is coming back to its roots. I owned a shop, On The One in Mount Kisco and the community was wonderful to me. So many friends and clients are now the “threads” of PureThread.  “I am excited to return to Westchester with something new and different.  Over the past few years I have been styling clients in ethical fashion, and now, 2014, it’s time to take a stand and promote the beauty of the brands who are doing things differently, and better…” Jill Heller, founder of PureThread.

Bedford and the Bedford Historical Society is the quintessential Fall setting. The building is part of a wider movement of reusing old buildings that combine with history with contemporary use and needs, such as this community gathering. The two floors for product display, a small garden to house cold pressed juice and nutritious food, as well as a perfect space for a large private dressing area, set the stage. We are making it easy for Westchester women to participate in the services we provide because we value them.

“We are reinforcing our existing brand, and increasing our customer loyalty by popping up in their neighborhood”, explains Tracey Perlmutter, PureThread stylist and curator. “We are meeting our customers where they are, and giving them the best experience possible”….Kendall Langenstein, PureThread creative director.



What other services does PureThread offer?

A personalized experience to every woman that steps through our doors.

“During the time a woman is in the hands of one of our stylists, she is receiving as much or as little styling assistance as she would like,” Wendi Winshall, PureThread stylist and curator.





Our year-round NYC studio is a place to discover and purchase some of our favorite things in the intimate context of a home / fashion studio.  We are placing visionary ethical fashion designers on the forefront of a movement.

Every aspect of PureThread — from the visual presentation to the selection of individual items or hangtag description — is a direct result of thinking beneath the surface. Plus, delving deeper into the origins of the product with a growing environmental and social consciousness is what we are about.

Save the date, and join us in this thoughtful shopping experience!

October 20 – 26th, Bedford Historical Hall at 608 Old Post Road, Bedford.

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