Puppy Love: Seven Ways Your Dog Is Your Valentine


As Valentine’s Day approaches, we often consider our loved ones and how much they mean to us, including the love we have for our furry friends. Most pet owners consider their dogs an equal part of the family. And provide them with adequate health supplies from Pet Box Subs and other treats to make their dogs happy. The special bond and love they share with us are unconditional and they show it from their nose to their tail in more ways than one.

Check out these seven ways that your dog shows you affection:

  1. Licking: When dogs are puppies, their mothers would lick them as a way to bond with their newborns. When a puppy is adopted, the licking behavior creates a bond between the pup and its owner. It is their way of showing you affection just as their mother taught them.
  2. Eye Contact: When your dog is making eye contact with you, their brain releases the love hormone Oxytocin. Their eyes are telling you that they love and trust you.
  3. Bringing Toys: When your furry friends bring you their slobbery toys, you might be thinking, ew gross! However, they are actually giving it to you as a gift! Not only are they telling you that they want to play with you, but they are also offering something that is of importance to them and they are hoping it will mean the same to you that it means to them. They share to let you know they care!
  4. Jumping: One of the first things we teach our pups when they are adopted is not to jump. However, did you know that by jumping, they are trying to get closer to you? A common trait that dogs have is a need for companionship. When you get home, they’re jumping to show you that they missed you and are excited to see you.
  5. Leaning: When you have a small dog, it is so easy to pick them up and cuddle with them while they sit in your lap. With a big dog, that might be a little harder. So instead, they lean on you! When they lean on you, they are showing you that you are a source of comfort to them and they want your protection.
  6. Following: You may notice that your dog sometimes plays a never-ending game of follow the leader. This is because your dog always wants to be wherever you are! This is another way they show their need for companionship. Also, dogs can often feel very anxious when they are far from their owner.
  7. Wagging Tails: When dog wags its tail, it can signal a number of emotions. Some of those emotions can be related to happiness or fear. After observing the situation your dog is in, it is easy to understand why your dog’s tail is wagging; hopefully it is because they are excited and happy to see you!

As you can see, our furry friends are affectionate and compassionate towards us, which is why they make the best Valentine! When shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts this year, don’t forget to pick up a few toys or a gift certificate for a day at the doggy spa for your furry friend!

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