How to Choose The Right Solar Provider in Utah


The global solar energy market worth is $52.5 billion and is expected to rise to $223 billion by 2026.

The solar installation process requires expertise. You should buy a quality solar panel and work with a seasoned solar energy installer. However, you might find the process of choosing a solar provider in Utah quite overwhelming due to the wide array of suppliers available.

But worry not. You can still vet the available solar providers to get the right one for your needs. Here is a step by step guide on how to find the best solar provider in Utah.

Avoid Pressure From Sales People

Some solar firms pay commissions to their salespeople. Therefore, it’s not always a red sign when a salesperson becomes too persuasive. However, this does not mean that you should agree to every salesperson you meet.

You should understand the red sign warnings and avoid them. Avoid a salesperson who wants you to sign a sale agreement when you have not read the terms and conditions. Also, avoid a persistent seller who offers reduced prices and bigger discounts.

If you doubt the salesperson, deal with the main solar supplier directly, to avoid losing your hard-earned cash.

Check the License If the Contractor

Confirm that the solar provider has a valid license for selling and installing solar panels. The state of Utah requires every solar provider to have a license, failure to which they can face legal issues.

Any company without the license is not legit. They can do shoddy work for you, they can offer the fake photovoltaic systems, and even worse, they can run away with your money.

If you doubt the license presented to you, go to Utah’s Interstate Renewable Energy Council website to check the licensing details. Don’t hire them if the permit is not valid, or it’s expired.

Read the Reviews

What do the past clients say about the solar provider? Did they get satisfactory services? Where they conned?

The reviews can guide you to know the reputation of the solar firm.

You can find the reviews from the supplier’s website or third-party websites. However, you can’t fully trust the third-party reviews, because competitors may sponsor them. The best trick is to read the clients’ website reviews and contact some of the clients.

They will probably give you a better insight of the supplier to help you make an informed decision.

Compare Price Quotes

There are many types of solar panels. Each type has a unique price depending on its size, quality, manufacturer price quote, etc. Determine how much you would like to spend on the installation and then compare prices.

If you compare more than three price quotes from different suppliers, you will know the project’s average cost. The price should include the buying price of the solar panels, the hiring costs, installation, and a breakdown of all the costs involved.

At times, the highest quote may not provide the best quality. Similarly, the lowest price may not translate to poor products and services. Consider the other factors, too, and stick to your budget when comparing the costs.

Consider the Quality of the Solar Equipment

The best quality solar equipment will guarantee you the best service, irrespective of the price. But how do you differentiate between the best and the poor quality?

You should evaluate two main things when assessing the photovoltaic systems’ quality: the inverter and the modules.

Efficiency determines the quality of the modules. If the efficiency is less than 16%, then the modules are said to be of poor quality.

Monocrystalline modules are more efficient than polycrystalline, although they are high priced. Monocrystalline will therefore be the ideal option if you have many appliances in your home that demand optimum efficiency.

The best supplier will help you test the efficiency of the modules before you buy them. Be keen on the testing results to ensure that you buy the best.

Consider the Expertise of the Solar Provider

As mentioned earlier, a solar panel is a valuable investment, and it requires expertise. You can’t trust any solar company simply because they operate within your location.

Dig deeper to know how long they have been in the solar industry. Find out the number of clients they have successfully dealt with, and the number of years they have been in the business.

While there is nothing wrong with working with a new solar supplier, the experienced one will be more reliable and provide better advice on how to go green.

Ask for the Warranties

The right supplier should provide two types of warranties: the workmanships warranty and the photovoltaic system’s warranty.

The workmanships warranty helps you get an additional service, or solar panel replacement in case the first one fails. Its absence means that the supplier might not offer long term support.

The photovoltaic system warranty covers the solar system components. The photovoltaic system has many crucial elements that could easily get damaged. The warranty for these components ranges from 2 to 25 years, depending on the manufacturer.

However, the best quality panels can stay for more than 40 years. Understand the terms and conditions for the warranty to make an informed decision.

Find a Local Company

A local solar company will offer availability benefits. The firm will always be there when you need an extra service. The suppliers will also readily attend to your solar emergency issues on time.

Communication will be easier, and you will get first-hand information about the firm from the local buyers, who are also your neighbors. So, find out the best local solar suppliers within your location in Utah, and vet them.

Consider Insurance and Financing Options

An insured firm gives you the confidence that you will not incur unnecessary costs or expenses if a work-related loss or injury occurs. The insurance should be valid and should come from a reputable insurer in Utah.

Besides the coverage, you may check the financing options that the solar supplier offers. Some firms may not accept cash, and that’s why you should know the right payment options to use.

Hire the Best!

Consider the above factors to hire the best solar provider in Utah. Don’t hurry the process to avoid making wrong decisions. If you plan to install a new solar system or replace the existing ones, start your research at least three months before. The extended period will help you make the right decisions.

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