Moving House? Here Are Some Tips Keep Your Sanity

Moving house is one of the most stressful things that you can do as an adult. However, there are ways to approach it that won’t leave you tearing your hair out. Here are some tips to help you through the process.



Start packing early

The sooner you can start boxing things up, the better. As you go through drawers and cupboards, you will be surprised at how much stuff you actually have crammed into your home. Most people leave packing to the last minute and this is always a recipe for disaster. You don’t have to start boxing up your essentials straight away but it is a great chance to open those forgotten cupboards and pack away the stuff that you know that you won’t need for the next few weeks. If you discover some long-lost hobby hidden at the back of the drawer and suddenly have the urge to pick it up again, now is probably not the time. Pack it away in a box until you have moved and can dedicate the time.

Clear out the clutter

If you have lived in a place for as little as 6 months, you probably don’t have that much extra stuff that you can clear out. But, after you have been living in a place for 2 years, you will discover that you have collected a lot of stuff. This is your opportunity to clear out all of the extra bits that are lying around your house. If you discover that there is a lot of items that need to be binned, you might want to consider a few different options to get rid of your rubbish. Old clothes and furniture that are in good condition can be donated to charity shops. If you discover that there is a lot of rubbish to be removed, you could consider hiring a skip or dumpster to take all of your rubbish. Your other option would be to collect items together that need to be removed to the local refuse or recycling center.

Organize Storage

If you discover that you have a lot of stuff to be boxed up and moved, you could consider using a storage locker. This might seem like a lot of extra work, and it can be. However, if you have a lot of stuff that you just can’t seem to part with, but aren’t sure if it will all fit into your new place, box it up and store it. You might discover those boxing things up and placing them in storage helps you with the packing process. Sometimes when you are that packing things and the boxes start to pile them up, it can be daunting and stressful. By placing them in storage, it is a case of “out of sight, out of mind”. Once you have the keys to your new place, you can move your things at your own pace instead of a same-day rush.

Get little ones looked after

We know that not everyone has kids but you might have pets that are like your children. When it comes to moving day, it is best to have them stay with someone else for the day. Moving can be a stressful and busy day with people lifting and hauling furniture and boxes all over the place. It isn’t the safest of places for your kids or pets to be running about. Ask their grandparents or a trusted friend if they might watch them for a few hours while you transfer the contents of your current house to the new one. If you are moving across the country or across the globe, it might be a better idea for one parent to take charge of the kids and pets while the other is leading the way home and in charge of the move.

Be Organized

This seems like a fairly simple idea but it is one that people rarely follow. Being organized during a house move is a different kettle of fish. The first thing you will need to organize is your timeline of events, and this includes knowing when paperwork needs to be filed, down to the day that you move. You will need to gather packing materials and organize how you will be moving all of your stuff. It takes a lot of effort to pull this all together. This can be very tricky as it requires a lot of coordination to pull it all together.

Moving house can be tough, but by taking some simple steps before your moving day, you can ensure that the process is simple and stress-free.


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