5 Ways To Level Up Your Outdoor Adventures


There is no place like the great American outdoors. The awe-inspiring vastness of this country’s sublime landscape coupled with its world-famous lakes and dams – make it the perfect setting for your next outdoor adventure.

Camping back in the day versus now is two different kettles of fish. Camping in the 90s meant drudging for miles to set up your tiny tent filled with a dodgy lantern and your well-used sleeping bag desperately trying to keep you warm. These days, camping can be a luxurious experience – follow these five tips for ways to level up your outdoor adventures:

Practice At Home

Everyone thinks they know how to set up a tent until they attempt to. Putting up a tent is not an overly complicated task, but it is also not a simple one.

Putting up a tent like a pro and in record time takes practice – lots of practice. Make your outdoor adventures better by practicing at home. Set up your tent in your lounge or backyard – that way you’ll be better at setting it up when it comes to showtime.

Pack Campfire-Friendly Meals

Camping doesn’t have to be refried beans; you can eat like a king if you are well prepared. Instead of heating beans and hotdogs every night of your trip, pack ready-made or ready-prepared meals that you can readily heat over the fire.

Make camping kabobs with delicious veggies and chicken or yummy smores for meals the whole family will love.

Gadgets Galore

Camping doesn’t have to be a powerless experience. Take the outdoor luxury items with you, such as a hairdryer and a TV. All you’ll need to power them is a quality portable solar power generator, which can also be handy in emergencies or to charge your devices.

Camping gadgets are a little pricier than regular gadgets, but that is because they have to withstand the elements and be durable enough to use on more than one trip.

Pack Games

As much as you can try to prepare, Mother Nature has a way of going against your best-laid plans. Instead of having mopey children in a summer rainstorm, pack a few weatherproof games.

Don’t just plan for outdoor activities on your trip, ensure that you have plenty of fun backup options too. Downtime and games are a fantastic family bonding activity, and they can easily become everyone’s next favorite family tradition.

Waterproof Your Tent

Instead of potentially getting caught in a downpour – have your tent waterproofed beforehand. Waterproofing is a relatively simple procedure so you can do it yourself too. All you’ll need is a can or two or silicone sealant to spray your tent from top to bottom and right to left.

Make sure that you cover every inch of your tent with the spray, that way you’ll be covered in the rain – quite literally!

To End

Camping is one of the best experiences you can share with your family. If you do not have good childhood camping experiences, you either missed out totally – or did it wrong! Be prepared; that way, your next outdoor adventure will be one for the record books.