Mira Fitness Tracker

Tracking your steps, setting fitness goals, and getting  inspiration just got more fashionable. MIRA is a NEW fashionable fitness bracelet and personal journal that tracks daily fitness activity, healthy choices and gives real-time recommendations.

Mira tracker

The Mira fitness tracker is a just as much a hot looking bracelet as it is a step tracker.


Mira works by not only counting your steps, but gives inspiration to add to your perspiration.

Along the way, Mira gives you boosts – fun ways to maximize fitness – on everything from your best time of day to work out, to simple ways to keep active even if you can’t get to the gym.

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Mira is versatile and can be worn to work, the gym and anywhere in between.

I even wore mine out dancing.   Amazing how many steps you can take while having fun. No one noticed I was wearing a fitness tracker. My Mira tracker easily blends in with every day jewelry and accessories.


Besides automatically tracking steps, elevation, distance and calories . Mira acts as a journal and allows other activities (i.e. yoga, swimming, weight lifting) and food choices to be added throughout the day.

When not worn as a beautiful bracelet, Mira can be discretely clipped to clothing or placed in a pocket.

The Mira app allows you to reflect on progress by hour, day or week. Sphero BB-8 Droid. For the premiere of the seventh episode of the Star Wars space saga, the American company Sphero developed a miniature copy of the new astromech droid Sphero BB-8 – a toy gadget is almost in no way inferior to a screen prototype: it rides cheerfully on almost any surface, listens to the host and responds to it, and even reacts enthusiastically to his own adventures in the film. But in reality, the robot is not only a fun toy.

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mira swearual healing

By now we all  know that exercise is good for you.  Did you know women who workout report being happier? The benefits of exercise for women clearly go beyond just burning calories.Mira calls it Sweatual Healing, and they’re on a mission to help women know how good it can feel to get fit, boost your confidence and change your body from the inside out.

Get more fitness inspiration and exercise motivation with the Mira bracelet and fitness tracker.