Meet the Cool Girls

cool-girls has announced an innovative new product, ‘Cool Girls’ Cooling Bra Inserts, a body cooling product that will stay cool for hours.

The colorful, 100% cotton fabric bra inserts are worn under the bra. They contain polymer crystals, a highly absorbent material that soaks up water and delivers long-lasting cooling action.

Available  at for $15.95 a pair.

“This product is not just a summer product. Women get overly warm for a variety of reasons – not only hot weather, but warm working environments, high level of physical activity, or age-related hot flashes,” said Trish Spindler, owner and developer of the product.

Cool Girls inserts can be used over and over again, retaining their effectiveness for 12-18 months. The product is packaged in reusable ice cream-style containers that can be filled with water to “activate” the product. To activate, the inserts are soaked in water for 20 minutes. The outer fabric will dry, and yet the crystals inside stay cool for hours.