Upgrade Your Back to School Gear

It’s almost that time of year again—back to school. The mounds of school supplies and herds of kids running around at your local stores can make the school shopping experience a bit overwhelming. Even the most experienced shopper may miss out on great back-to-school deals amongst the chaos.


To help, I put together a slideshow of products to upgrade your back-to-school list of pens and pencils with the hottest commodities of 2013:


Chia Squeeze

Gogurt is sugary and full of calories – instead pack a Chia Squeeze from Mamma Chia  in your child’s lunchbox. Self-stable and packed with nutrients that will keep you full all day, the Chia Squeeze vitality snack comes in four flavors including: Strawberry Banana, Green Magic, Apple Cinnamon and Blackberry Bliss.




Lost and Found Kit

Let’s face it, writing your child’s name on his or her clothing tags is embarrassing. Upgrade with FinderCodes, a QR code-based lost and found system that can be easily attached to clothes and other school gear, and can be used for up to 50 washes.


FinderCodes School


Looking for a game that keeps your child active and entertained? The iBitz PowerKey, designed specifically for ages 5+, is an interactive app that features virtual pet characters called GeoBotz. Walking, running, and playing, while wearing the iBitz PowerKey keeps the GeoBotz character alive. Through the GeoPalz website, parents can motivate children to be more physically active by rewarding them with prizes.




Electronic Deadbolt

Kids often forget or lose their house keys. Combat this problem with the SimpliciKey wireless, electronic deadbolt. This deadbolt has a sliding cover that holds up to 16 alphanumeric codes so your child can have their own special entry. Or, even easier, the keyfob – let your child lock/unlock the house with one touch of a button. Safety has never been so convenient!




Pelican i1075 Case

While tablets are great for aiding child education, allowing your youngsters to use such an expensive tool can be quite scary. Protect your tablet with the Pelican i1075, a crushproof and water resistant case. The Pelican sports a high-impact, heat and chemically resistant composite shell that will stand up to extreme and harsh conditions.



Pelican i1075

Backup System

The days of hand-written papers and research scanned from library book pages are long gone. School is digital and a student’s documents are precious. Where there once was floppy disks, CDs, or even flash drives to hold and protect a student’s digital work, there is now affordable data backup services for students. CrashPlan seamlessly backs up digital files while you work – set it and forget it and never have to worry about permanently loosing that 10-page report ever again.


CrashPlan SH Website[1]

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