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Come for the dining, stay for the grinding


The worst part about going out for a nice dinner is, for some reason, it’s not “socially acceptable” to go over and start dancing seductively with people. At Sienna Restaurant and Ultralounge, once you polish off that duck, the tables are cleared away and the space is transformed into a ridiculous club powered by Pink Elephant. Just wait until it morphs before you start spraying Champagne on people.

  • Food first! The eclectic menu comes to you from Tony Fortuna of the popular TBar Steak & Lounge in NYC. Pictured here is a sautéed Maryland jumbo lump crab cake finished with pickled onions and a tomato remoulade.

  • This ain’t your momma’s turkey burger with sautéed onions and crispy fries! If it were, you’d probably have to have the awkward, “Mom, when did you start working at Sienna Restaurant and Ultralounge?” conversation that we all dread.

  • Like any Hamptons spot that respects itself, Sienna has a large outdoor area for those breezy Summer nights. Once the party is in full rage mode inside, it also serves as a refuge from the madness, giving you a quiet place to explain to your gf that you weren’t “flirting with another girl”, you just got the sense that she was low on electrolytes and, if you didn’t buy her a drink, she might pass out. In fact, you’re kinda a hero.

  • Executive chef Ben Zwicker — whose resume includes the Mandarin Oriental, Four Seasons, Aureole, and Petrossian — is committed to a menu that boasts the freshest local ingredients available. Here, we have a crispy Long Island duck with an apricot glaze and sweet potatoes.

  • This Mediterranean branzino is grilled and laid atop a bed of tomatoes, olives, and capers. And later that night, you’ll be laid atop a bed that’s actually a really old futon with pizza stains!

  • Once dinner is over and the tables are cleared, the restaurant is seamlessly transformed into an ultralounge with world class DJs, cocktail tables, and state of the art lighting and sound. It’s just likeTransformers, except with less explosions, but potentially just as much Shia LaBeouf!

  • Sienna’s angling for a higher level of bottle service that includes fresh-squeezed juices, chocolate-covered strawberries accompanying Champagne, and a wide variety of bottle rocket options.

  • All of these people are very excited about the chocolate-covered strawberries.

Sienna Restaurant and Ultralounge

Published: July 2, 2013 at 11:00pm EDT

44 Three Mile Harbor Rd

East Hampton, NY 11937