Where is Marriage Headed?

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Marriage has been around for centuries in different forms of culture all over the world, but as the years have passed and society has progressed, the idea of permanently bonding yourself to another person has fallen in regard.  This isn’t to mean that everyone hates marriage; on the contrary, most people think that getting married is the bee’s knees.  But why aren’t most singles biting the bullet to put on the ol’ ball and chain?

Gallup polls have recently shown that marriage, ancient and traditional as it is, strikes a positive chord in the hearts of most Americans.  This recent poll talked to single and married Americans and found that 54% were married, 20% had been married, and 21% haven’t been married but would like to be someday (Caplin 2013).  The most amazing part of the poll, though it’s the first of its kind, is that only 5% said they never want to get hitched.

“This high level of interest in marriage suggests there is little widespread attitudinal aversion to first-time marriage among the nation’s younger unmarried residents,” according to the Gallup poll.  Even though high percentages of people want to be married, the numbers of marriages don’t seem to match those wishes. Thankfully,Christian Mingle and other popular sites are providing a platform for singles to find and meet that special someone.

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Thankfully, prominent dating site reviews are becoming  more popular to show interested consumers which sites to trust and which ones to stay away from to meet that special someone. “Figures from the Census Bureau show that the rate of marriage is declining in the US, down from 9.9 marriages per 1,000 Americans in 1987 to 6.8 in 2011” (Caplin 2013).  One of the primary reasons for these low numbers could be the economy.  There is a large marriage discrepancy between those who make under $30,000, those who earn between $30,000 and $75,000, and people who get over $75,000.  In the first group, less than 20% were married, but 51% of the more well-paid bracket was married (Caplin 2013).  Even so, those who want to get married and make under $30,000 still outnumber those who make the same amount and don’t want to get married at all.

Of course, money isn’t always the reason singles don’t get married.  For many of them, it’s simply not important, or other things are more important to do first.  Many Americans are beginning to say that marriage isn’t essential for a man and woman to spend their lives together, though 64% of them think it’s necessary if the couple is going to have a child together.  That number has fallen 12% since 2006. So, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for singles. Some predict more and more people will simply live together without getting married while others predict there’ll be a rebound in the traditional ideal of getting married. Regardless of what occurs, it’s clear we are wired to be in romantic relationships with others and people will continue to create connections; however, how that looks and how it is labeled may continue to ebb and flow as our culture evolves.

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    Another major reason that people are not getting married is because of all of the “horror” stories they hear about from friends and family involved in a litigated divorce. The amount of money that is expended, the length of time it takes, and the terrible effects it has on children, are reason enough not to enter in the institution of marriage. As a leading divorce mediator in Westchester, I hear these stories all of the time. If you ARE already married, and want to get a divorce or legal separation, mediation is the only way to go!

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