Helicopter tour of NYC… Fantastic!

stacyknows_wings air

An incredible experience on a flawless flight. Never a worry with Brett from Wings Air at the stick on a picture perfect day!! The staff and facility is top notch! Thank you seems inadequate but THANK YOU for making this helicopter tour of NYC a great day for me!


Are you looking wow someone for the holidays?  Or maybe you want to woo someone like Christian Grey? Mr. Grey had me a Charlie Tango.

That’s where Wings Air Helicopters comes in. Wings Air offers top-notch helicopter charter service that can take you to any destination in the New York area and beyond.

Would you like to skip the traffic and get to JFK or LaGuardia Airport in less than 10 minutes? A helicopter charter is not only a guaranteed way to get quickly where you need to go, but also it is a sensory experience of a lifetime.


Wings Air from Westchester to NYC








Despite what people say it is possible to take on New York City without the traffic and crowds. Wings Air’s 30-minute helicopter tours departing from Westchester Airport offer a new kind of sightseeing experience that is relaxed yet unforgettable and thrilling. Enjoy stunning aerial views of the iconic Manhattan Skyline, Central Park and Lady Liberty from the comfort of your helicopter, guided by friendly and experienced pilots. If you’re planning a romantic date, proposal, family activity or just want to do something fun, this is for you!