MyDailyRundown Launches- PR Pro’s & TV Producers Get Excited!


I keep hearing rave reviews about a company named GuestBooker– and now Guest Booker CEO George Uribe has done it again with a new product that is going to change the face of television and make every producers lives MUCH easier. I am super excited about the launch of this new product- MyDailyRundown. MyDailyRundown launched this week in Miami at the National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) Conference, a high-profile networking event of professional media executives working together to enhance emerging media endeavors. MyDailyRundown is the first of its kind web application that tracks television news to create industry intelligence. Its distinct and innovative features lay in its three core features: the rundown, the guest profiles and the television news trends. With one click, users have all of the most important information is at their fingertips. Users can log on at

I do a lot of TV interviews and MyDailyRundown is a brand new platform that will give bookers and TV Producers key insights into what guests are the hottest booked topic segments of the week. This is a must have platform for every PR Professional and TV Producer!

With the RUNDOWN, users are able to see a daily, in-depth snapshot of television news—one segment, guest and topic at a time. This feature offers powerful industry insight.

For the GUESTS, users can view the comprehensive profiler consisting of bios, pictures and recent appearance information, making it easier than ever to know the guests and talent of television and connect with them.

The TRENDS page shows a compilation of the week’s most popular guests and topics on television. Users can take advantage of the advanced tracking technology to ask better questions, get better answers and make better decisions.

MyDailyRundown co-founders George Uribe (President and CEO) and Tyler Ward (COO) are confident users will find value in this application because it will provide them with the most relevant, pertinent intelligence. “Our rundown will enable TV producers to easily keep track of the guests and topics airing each day,” said Uribe. “Public Relations firms can use the site to look for trends and topics, and TV producers will use it for story and guest ideas. Now television executives can use our report along side their ratings report to help them understand what guests and topics contributed the ratings each day.”

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