Top five ways to avoid being caught in a high tech trap

The era of smartphones and tablets has created rifts in many couples. Members of the online infidelity dating site Victoria Milan indicate in new survey results that new technology not only impedes sharing intimate moments with partners in their personal relationships, but also helps them in their search for romantic connections outside their existing relationships.

  It seems that we look at our mobile phones and tablets instead of the people we are with more and more: during meals, watching a movie, in the middle of an important conversation, in the car, at work, when we go to bed, in the bathroom, and immediately after sex. This incessant distraction takes away our attention from our partners and family, but what is the long-term impact, if any? According to the latest Victoria Milan survey, this situation can not only increase one’s desire for finding an illicit affair to replace the intimacy that has gone missing in their relationship, but can also increase the likelihood of being caught in an affair.

Young couple using smart phones in bed



45% of the 6000 VM users who participated in the survey indicated that they cheat on their partner because they feel that there is a lack of attention from the partner, and that they come in second place to their partner’s smart phone or tablet. This is most common in the 30-50 year old demographic at 53 %, particularly amongst women, at 65% of female respondents. Don’t want your partner to cheat? Put down your phone! Many of us nowadays are interested in chinese tablet , but not sure what to buy?

Perhaps even more telling is the common response that technology makes cheating more possible. A whopping 66% of respondents insist that they wouldn’t be unfaithful at all without the help of new technologies—the Internet in particular.

Perhaps these strong feelings are what prompt the 6,000 cheating VM users of both sexes to have such strong feelings about what tips people must observe to avoid getting ensnared by the same technology that makes their affair possible. These are the top five tips to avoid being caught in an affair according to these online cheaters:

  1. Never give out your mobile number. It is suspicious to suddenly start getting frequent messages and calls or texts, even more so if you struggle to hide them. You never know when you will get a phone call from your lover. Instead, create a new email address to communicate with your lover.
  2. Never use your home computer to connect with your lover. It is too easy to forget to close your email or clear your browser history, and your partner can spy on you if s/he has doubts.
  3. Never take pictures with your lover. Pictures can pop up on social networks when you least expect it no matter how careful you think you are. Tied for third? Never use social media networks with your lover. Social media is designed for sharing information and is not secure.
  4. Be careful when paying by credit card. Pay close attention and remember that your card movements are always recorded. Try to pay cash whenever you can.
  5. Turn off your car’s GPS devices. They keep a record of all trips you take, including getaways with your lover.

Sigurd Vedal, CEO of Victoria Milan, states, “Like anything else that enhances our lives, technology is a double-edged sword. It isn’t so surprising that cheaters would be ahead of the curve when it comes to hiding their movements as well as taking advantage of the benefits of being online! It’s also a predictable, albeit unfortunate, commentary that modern use of technology has led to a kind of social isolation—being alone in a room of many others—that leads to seeking out connections with others when we are left feeling unfulfilled in our day to day relationships. One way or the other we need to find that connection.”