Knowing the Different Types of Coffee Methods


A considerable population craves a hot cup of coffee every morning. It is the kick that they get out of its taste that makes them active the whole day. Others keep sipping their coffee every two hours or so. Their association with coffee is on a different level altogether. Hence when it comes to the brewing method, the preferences vary as well.

Here we share with you the most common methods of coffee brewing in practice.

Espresso Machine-Even, a novice coffee drinker, knows what an espresso machine is. These days they come in various shapes and sizes, the purpose of each being giving you a shot of coffee in the morning.

You can find them as semi-automatic, fully automatic, manual lever, portable espresso machines, and commercial types. Cold brews need the best coffee, and you have to choose the coffee beans accordingly.

AeroPress- AeroPress is mostly preferred by the traveling community or those who love to roam around. However, many people claim that it brews the best coffee. The right temperature, right size grind, and the right level of air pressure brew a cup that would keep you fresh for long.

French Press- This is probably the oldest form of brewing coffee, and that is why it is still so adored by coffee lovers. Firstly, it is very easy to use, and even a novice can use it. Plus, it comes for a moderate price and has a distinct taste that is not offered by any other method. However, it takes some time to brew that cup, and you would have to be patient.

Soft brew- This is a new invention comparatively and quite close to the French press. The mild brew is simpler and requires a simple filter with ground coffee, add warm water, and let it steep for 4-8 minutes. You get a fresh cup without much effort from your side. Its unique filter allows you to use grinds of various sizes.

Coffee bags – The coffee bags are always there to give you company. However, as you must know, they do not always taste perfect. If you crave taste in your coffee, then probably, they are not the best choice. Take care to not over steep, though, as your cup would then taste somewhat bitter.

Vacuum pot– This one is also known as siphon coffee. However, it requires a lot of effort, and using it in normal circumstances is practically difficult. Some people love the taste it offers. While others feel you can only use it to show off to your friends what a pro in coffee brewing, you are. Also cleaning the siphoning pot can be challenging.


Are you crazy about a cup of coffee at any time of the day? If yes, then above are some methods that you may use to quench your craving. Make sure that you do not hurry in your desire to pick up one method.

Often extensive research only can help you choose the best one. For a hard-core lover of coffee, compromising on the taste is not possible and hence be careful.


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