How To Maintain Your Indoor Water Fountain


Having a water fountain in your home is such a luxury. It creates a soothing atmosphere and makes your home instantly cozier. It also can keep your room cooler in the summer without needing to use the air conditioner as often since the running water cools the air.

There are a lot of benefits to having an indoor water fountain, but it does also take some maintenance to keep it running at its best. It isn’t a lot of trouble if you keep at it but you do need to be committed. Wall-mounted fountains like these ones from the are nice to look at and very elegant, but if you aren’t maintaining them then you aren’t getting the most out of them.

In this article, I will give you some tips on keeping it clean and how to do some troubleshooting when needed.

1 – Check the water level

The water level is of vital importance. Not only will it not look or sound as nice when it is barely trickling, but you’re risking the motor burning out on the pump if there is not enough water.

This is the most basic, yet one of the most important aspects of keeping your fountain in good working order.

Check the level every couple of days. You are losing water to evaporation every day so when you first set up your fountain, you’ll need to get an idea of exactly how much is being lost and how quickly. You may find that you need to add water every day or that once a week suffices.

2 – Keep it running

It may seem like wasting energy, but you should keep your pump running all the time. If you turn it off, then algae will start to grow and then you’ll have more work on your hands to keep it clean.

Many pumps use just a little bit of electricity so it isn’t going to add too much to your electricity bill every month. Also, if you are turning your pump on and off regularly, then you are also going to shorten the life of the pump. Parts wear down more quickly when they are having to start and stop too often.

3 – Do deep cleaning regularly

Once in a while, you will have to take some time to take things apart and give them a deep clean. Even if you are doing everything right by using distilled water and adding some anti algae products to the water, there will still be times when taking things apart is warranted.

A couple of times per year, empty the water from the fountain. Once it is empty, take a sponge dipped in a warm water and vinegar mixture with just a little bit being vinegar and wipe down the surface all over the fountain. You’ll notice that it has a slightly slimy feel to it before you wipe and after it will be more smooth.

Then take the pump and do some maintenance and cleaning of the parts. Check the operating manual to make sure you are doing it correctly.