Sex Positions for Plus Size Pleasure

They say that love has no boundaries and if you feel emotions intense enough, nothing is impossible. However, despite the intensity of the emotions, you might discover that you being plus size makes physical love somewhat difficult – at least in a more conventional way.

Luckily, despite what you might see in some movies, your weight or age shouldn’t prevent you from having an amazing time in your or someone else’s bedroom. Below you will find more information about the best sex positions for plus size individuals. Let’s go!

Enhanced Missionary Position

None of us is born with an innate knowledge of how to move our body in a way to cause our partners and us maximum pleasure. However, the missionary position is what most of us know pretty well, with only the act of self-pleasuring being slightly more popular. It’s nice to have another person next to you, but in the end, your hand might do as well. If you are a little bit more ambitious, you might want to check out what is the best small dildo?

Unfortunately, if you attempt to go at it missionary style, you might discover that your tummy gets in a way, making it harder for your partner to thrust into your vagina. How to solve this dramatic situation? That’s simple – place a pillow under your hips which will ensure that your partner’s penis will have easy access to your crotch area.

If you don’t enjoy experimenting with different sex positions, but your weight has recently increased as a result of the quarantine, a simple pillow will allow you to continue having fun in the missionary position.

Do It Like They Do on the Discovery Channel

One of the most popular sex positions for plus size individuals is the doggy style. It’s really not a surprise – when your partner thrusts into you from behind, the size of your stomach won’t really be an issue.

On the other hand, if calling your behind considerable would be a huge understatement, inserting the penis deep inside could become a problem. If that’s the case, you could lay on your stomach, which would make the job of your partner much easier.


If you’ve loved reading Karl May’s books, with the plot centered in the American Old West, you might have considered becoming a cowboy or a cowgirl. Unfortunately, in 2020, it is not really a viable career path. Any job that involves herding a cattle won’t be really that much similar to what the characters in the Westerns did. However, you could make your dreams come true, at least in the bedroom.

If you are afraid that your weight could harm your partner when you sit on his penis, we would like to assure you: there’s nothing to worry about. If you two have sex on your bed, the mattress will ensure that no person sustains any injuries during the love-making act.

At the same time, you’ll be able to control the rhythm, meaning that the sex will be just as intense as you’d like it to be. We would like once again to stress that your body won’t harm your partner – if you are really worried, just ask, but we are sure that their voice will be filled with pleasure and not pain and the sense of impending doom.

How to Enhance Your Sexual Life?

If you haven’t already, we suggest trying out the previously mentioned sex positions, however, they won’t magically turn your sex life upside down. Although feeling physical pleasure is definitely one of the key components of sex, there is much more to it than just penetration.

Do you have any fantasies that you would try out with your partner? Is there anything that you would like them to stop doing as it ruins the mood during love-making? Just discuss those issues with them! If they are not random people that have flown into your life and you have just kind of accepted one day that you two are together now, then remember that they care deeply about your mental well-being.

It so happens that your sex life has an impact on how you feel, meaning that resolving the issues that plague your relationships can help relieve your worries and make you feel happy. Some of them can only be resolved through sessions with experts and counseling, and we don’t want to underestimate their effectiveness; it’s just that in most cases, an honest conversation is all that is required to resolve the issues at hand.


We all are scared of being vulnerable, and if you haven’t told anyone about things that have festered in your mind for a long time, then doing so might seem extra scary. You might think that it’s just safer to hide behind a facade.

However, our fears become stronger when we don’t talk about them. When exposed to the light, they’ll lose the power to control you and affect your mental well-being. Crossing certain bridges might be scary, but it’s not about not feeling fear, but rather moving forward despite of it. Let your significant other know how you feel, and we are sure that you won’t be ridiculed.

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