Seven Wall-Mounted Fountains Facts That You Must Know

Wall mounted fountains have now become an all-season trend. They beautify your indoors, however, not everyone knows how to rightly choose, install, and maintain them. While the recent models in the market have reduced the maintenance time substantially, there are still a few things that buyers must know before they add an indoor water fountain to their desired space.

  1. The pump needs regular maintenance

A pump is a delicate piece of machinery yet it plays a crucial part. If you want your fountain to function for years, you must pay attention to the pump. Regular cleaning keeps algae and minerals from gathering on the pump.

  1. Keep the fountain always running

You do not need to, in fact, you should not turn off the fountain if you are going to bed or at work. These fountains are made in such a way that should run throughout the day. Turning on or off the fountain often can affect the pump’s functionality.

  1. Outdoor founts cannot be used indoors

Many people usually do not know that fountains meant for outdoors are not recommended to use indoors. If you require an elaborate water sheet on your wall, you should specifically ask the dealer to show you an indoor wall mounted fountain. Else, you should be prepared for issues like splashing, which can damage the insides of your home or office.

  1. Noisemaking fountains are not okay

If you have just installed a pump and it is making noise, don’t ignore it as the fountain’s quirk. A fountain should be noiseless, and all you’re supposed to hear is the sound of water. If your fountain is producing the sounds like that of clacks, whoosh, and others, you should ask the dealer to have a look at it. At times, low-quality pumps can cause clamor, and you may need to get them replaced or muted.

  1. Water sounds vary in different fountains

No two fountains have the same water sounds. The sound is based on the water level in the fountain, the rate at which the water cascades, and the pit of the basin. However, you can modify the sounds by including different materials in the basin or changing the rate of the water stream. 

  1. You don’t require harsh chemicals to clean the fountain

Many people believe that a fountain can be cleaned and disinfected using only strong reacting chemicals. What if your pets accidentally take a drink from the fountain or your kids like splashing in it? To prevent any accidents, it is wiser to use safe cleaners that are particularly made for indoor fountains.

  1. Wall mounted fountains do not always carry hefty price tags

It is a misconception that wall mounted fountains put a huge dent in your pocket. Internet savvy people or those who are good researchers can purchase online and get further economical deals. Buying a fountain with easy installation would save you installation cost. You can also buy a basic wall fountain from flea markets and garden sales, & purchase additional decoration pieces to further bring down the cost.