How To Buy A Spacious Family Home For A Cheap Price


Typically, spacious family homes are right at the premium end of the property market. These homes have multiple bedrooms, possibly even multiple bathrooms, and lots of interior floor space. All in all, they command a massive price as they are highly in demand. However, with the right approach, you can purchase a spacious family home at a fraction of the cost you’d usually expect. There’s no trickery involved, it’s all about knowing what properties to look for.

Avoid detached houses

Detached houses are the most expensive as they sit alone with nothing attached to them. This offers more privacy, and it also allows for easier renovations in the future. Therefore, they are super costly. But, if you opt for semi-detached or terraced houses, the prices will drop. If you don’t believe me, compare the price of a 4-bedroom detached house with a 4-bedroom terraced house in the same area. You’ll be amazed at how much more expensive the first option is.

Consider townhouses

Following on from the previous point, a townhouse offers exceptional value for money. In essence, this is a terraced house with a difference. The main reason to consider buying a townhouse is that it gives you loads of space inside. Unlike normal terraced houses, townhouses are designed to offer the space of a big detached house, only across multiple floors. So, instead of having two floors with lots of rooms, the house is narrower and built with three or four floors. For whatever reason, this often makes townhouses cheaper than regular terraced properties. Some experts believe it’s because of the slight inconvenience that extra floors give you. However, if you end up with a cheap 4-bedroom family home; who cares?!

Look in a different location

The first two tips will make you compromise on the type of property you buy. Instead of a traditional detached family home, you’ve got something different. So, you compromise on the privacy you experience as the neighbours will be closer. With this tip, you won’t have to compromise the property type, but you will lose out on the location. Popular locations for family homes are going to be super expensive. These tend to be places with easy access to schools, towns, cities, etc. They also happen to be very safe places to live. Now, if you broaden your search to slightly less convenient locations, you will find cheaper houses. A 4-bedroom detached in one location can be far cheaper than the same house in a prime location. I’m not saying you have to move country or go to a different city. No, it’s more about broadening your search and sacrificing the location’s convenience to get a cheaper house.

Ultimately, these tips will help you afford a spacious family home without breaking the bank. You’ve got a few ideas and two different methods to consider. If the location is essential, the first two tips are best for you. You’ll find a spacious home in a prime location, it just won’t be detached. If you’re determined to live in a detached house, you need to apply tip number three and seek out a less desirable location.


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