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How a CNN Reporter Showed Up

By fabinjection on Sep 25, 2014 01:41 pm

I started working with Carmen when I first started appearing on air at CNN. She was a game changer in every sense. She picked out great outfits and helped create a look for me. Now, I’m a correspondent for the network and couldn’t do without her. She helped me take my career to the next level. Carmen’s amazing to work with, understands the crazy job, and has the ability to find great items that become staples on air. She understands my personality and has worked with me to find clothes that make me look good and feel good on television. I couldn’t be more grateful!

Laurie Segall, CNN Tech Reporter


Laurie has been a client of mine for almost 3 years. It has been extremely gratifying to watch her grow from reluctant on air reporter to kick ass tech correspondent. Laurie had the common attitude of most new television journalists that it is the reporting that matters, not the look. She didn’t want to get distracted with buying clothes and getting a good haircut. She wanted to avoid the Diva Syndrome—that thing that happens when women start dressing for other people instead of themselves. But, her producers decided that she had worn that tired black cardigan one too many times this week. She was highly encouraged up her game and so came to me.

I told her what I tell all my new clients:

In the end it is the substance that matters but people must look at you. They won’t listen if they don’t like what they see. Respect them by giving them a good view.

We came up with a plan that addressed Laurie’s needs.

  • She needs to be camera ready at all times.
  • She needs simple outfits that are easy to put together, take little to no effort and look fierce.
  • Everything must flatter her hourglass figure but still appear professional.

In short, I idiot-proofed her wardrobe. Here is her starter plan:

  • Lots of fitted dresses in all colors. Grey and other neutrals preferred. No prints!
  • A killer black pencil skirt
  • Cardigans to be worn as blouses and dressy knit tops in every color.
  • Black, nude and snake skin heels.

As soon as she debuted her new look, people noticed. CNN Executives that had previously passed her in hall were now stopping her in the hall. Her assignments increased. Her airtime increased. She moved from freelance reporter to correspondent. She is a rising star. She is so in demand that sometimes she has to turn down assignments. She is reporting on important issues that affect the way the world is operating. People are listening.

Yes, I will take at least half of the credit for this. I have removed a huge stressor from Laurie’s daily life so she can concentrate on great stories. When she opens her closet she knows that everything in there works with everything else, it looks good on her and works for TV. And because she has made the commitment to herself to work with me for the long haul, our appointments get shorter and shorter. I know her style, her lifestyle, her body type so well now that I am able to weed out anything that doesn’t work and pull only items that do. Our last fitting was 45 minutes! Talk about saving time in a busy schedule.


What is happening with Laurie is what I want for all of my clients—and what I think every woman deserves. I want to help you. If you are ready to take your career to the next level like Laurie did, I’m here. Schedule a wardrobe strategy session with me by clicking this link.