A Fitness Coach: What to Consider When Choosing One

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What should you consider when choosing a personal trainer? This is the question that everyone should ask themselves before they make their final decision.

There are so many factors to take into consideration, from credentials and cost to experience and specialties. One of the most important things is to find out how much availability they have because you don’t want your fitness coach unavailable for weeks at a time!

Continue reading to know what to consider.


Can your fitness coach work with you at the times that are convenient for you? If not, it may be hard to stick with a program. A good trainer should offer flexible hours and can accommodate your needs.

A personal trainer can be your best friend. This is somebody you want to know when they’re available for a call or meeting, and how much time in advance it should take so that the person doesn’t have plans with other clients on those days. Think about their schedule before choosing one to make sure it’s compatible with yours.


They must have a personal trainer certification to provide you with the quality of exercise that your body needs for maximum results. To become a qualified personal trainer, an individual must graduate from a training program and pass all certification exams given.

These credentials are not complicated or time-consuming; therefore, ensure that whoever you choose has them. ​When looking at someone’s qualifications, it is also essential to look closely at their experience because this will allow you to judge how knowledgeable they are regarding fitness programs for achieving different goals.


If you want to afford your fitness coach, the cost is essential when choosing a personal trainer. How much does the average person in their early- to mid-twenties make per year? If they’re living on their own and working full time, it’s usually around $35k-$40k annually.

The good news for trainee clients considering hiring a professional or private personal fitness coach is that these professionals charge by the hour, usually anywhere from one-hour sessions up to four hours at once. This means that if someone wanted an appointment every weekday morning for two months straight, it would only set them back about twenty thousand hours! That’s not too bad in terms of dollars spent versus what you would gain.


Experience is the most crucial factor in selecting a personal fitness coach. An experienced trainer will be better at tailoring workouts to meet your needs and understanding how different aspects of your life may affect your ability to achieve specific goals.

For example, a beginner might not have any experience with injuries or drugs that one can use for pain management, which could force them to make costly changes on the fly during a workout session. Also, an inexperienced trainer may not know as much about teaching exercises correctly and safely.

In conclusion, it is essential to consider what you want from your trainer. What are you looking for? A custom workout plan, a more general approach, or perhaps just someone who can help with motivation and encouragement. Whatever it might be, there is somebody out there that can meet those needs!


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