How to Only Buy One Pair of Sunglasses to Last All Summer


Be honest, how many pairs of sunglasses do you end up buying each summer? If you’re anything like the majority of us, the answer is a number we’d rather not admit. But why do we go through so many pairs of budget glasses instead of investing in one pair which will last the summer through (if not longer)?

It’s true that, despite our best intentions, we can get a little carried away with pre-holiday spending. After all, part of the holiday buzz is getting a wardrobe together and treating yourself to accessories here and there – but when it comes to sunglasses, we’re particularly bad at buying too many pairs. Here are some tips on how to avoid ending up back in the sunglasses shop too many times this summer!

1 – Buy a case

A simple but effective method of simply taking better care of your existing sunglasses. Getting a case, even a cheap one from a market or stall, will generally have an effect on how well you take care of your sunnies. That constant reminder to keep them safe makes it so much less likely you’ll leave them somewhere or lose them, plus they will stay in good condition for a much longer period of time. So no more dropping them into your beach bag and hoping for the best – keep them protected and looking good for many months to come. This fold flat glasses case from Arlo Wolf is perfect for nifty packing.

2 – Check your sunglasses match your face shape

One of the biggest mistakes people make when buying glasses of any form, including sunglasses, is buying frames which simply don’t match their face shape or bone structure. The result? We become unhappy with the ones we have and end up buying other pairs in the hope of finding the right pair eventually. Unless the right research has been done and you actually know what face shape you have, as well as what type of frames will match with your shape, you are likely to end up making similar mistakes over and over again. This can turn into a costly exercise! This face shapes matching tool will tell you what shape you are, and will guide you towards the kind of glasses that will suit you the best. Once you know this for sure, you can buy frames in confidence that they look good on you, making it much more likely you’ll stick with them all the way through the holiday season. More money for a cooling mojito, then?

 3 – Stay away from loud colors

We’ve all had to double take when shopping for sunglasses at those delightful, illuminous pink frames that look like something between Audrey Hepburn and Barbie fashion. The idea of pulling them off is an appealing one, of course! But the truth is, if you go for really loud, really specific colors and styles, you’re only going to wear them once or twice with outfits that go with them. In reality you may only wear them once, with that little black dress which you know to be a safe bet. This is all well and good if you’re willing to spend on lots of pairs of sunnies, but if you’re aiming to keep one fit-for-all-purpose pair of glasses, you might be better to go for a standard color. If you’re the type of person who finds black too boring, you can always go for fashionable brown frames which have different shades in them.

4 – Clean your frames!

Perhaps the most mundane of tips, but certainly one of the most important if you want to keep one, golden pair of sunglasses for as long as possible. Invest a small amount in a lens cloth if you don’t have one already, and a simple lens cleaning spray. Just a few seconds a day keeping them spic and span will save you money in the long run, because you won’t find yourself having to go out and make yet another purchase. Cleaning your frames is a small activity with a big advantage!

Don’t forget to put aside the extra cash you save to treat yourself to some duty free goods!



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