7 Tips for Fitness Success at Any Size

The Start Line of Fitness

If you are standing at the start line of fitness and you don’t know where to begin, I don’t blame you. The most difficult time in this process is getting started.
This is especially so if you don’t fit into the common “fitness ideal” sporting spandex
shorts, shorts, and bra tops. Our health is a serious thing, how we look is secondary. How we feel is paramount. As you step into your fitness journey, you must familiarize yourself with different fitness trends that can work best for you. Fitness To Diet is one site that can not only motivate you to have a nutritional diet but also their science-backed research will help you improve your fitness routines.

Here are 7 tips for managing your physical apprehension as well as your mental fear and the peanut gallery upstairs.


Number One: Take a Leap of Faith

When we live in a society that often forgets about the specific needs of the plus-size audience, venturing into fitness land really does take stepping through fear and taking a leap of faith. Take the leap. You are worth it, you will find your tribe along the way and when you do it will change your life. I promise.



Number Two: Do Your Research

This is your body we are talking about, priority number one. This calls for all hands on deck to find the best fitness resources available. Remember, fitness

professionals are working for you, so interview them and make sure they share your philosophy on what health and fitness look like.



Number Three: Abandon What Used to Be

I often hear people talk about what they “used to be” and how they’re disappointed they “let themselves go.” Life happens. This takes up a lot of headspace; it’s

time to put on your big girl pants and recognize that today is your new benchmark for moving forward. Don’t let the past drag you down. Chronic, internal, mental negativity generally doesn’t foster high achievement and met goals.





Number Four: START.

I see so many people stop and start with thousands of justifications, mostly fueled by fear. People often don’t


give themselves the gift of what could be possible; work, kids, traffic, often negates dedication to self. Here’s the thing, if you really, truly want it, then do it. The stop/start is actually more labor intensive than just starting and mapping out what works for you. Further on that, our kids don’t want to be the reason we didn’t follow our athletic dreams or otherwise.


Number Five: Get to Know Your Internal Banter

There’s often a sabotager inside our minds that for some reason doesn’t want us to succeed. Often it’s because it can sense fear and wants to stay safe. Get to

know this voice, but don’t buy in because this voice is the culprit for many dreams lost. When you hear it, bounce back with a positive thought. Over time your mind will more intuitively take the high road until the sabotager is silenced for good.



Number Six: Don’t Make it Global

There will be setbacks and it’s OK. Don’t make it global, and what I mean by

that is that just because you have one setback doesn’t make your entire being a failure. Tomorrow is a new day to kick ass.



Number Seven: Rise Above

If you do not fit the “gym scene ideal” you may get some judgment or surprised reactions to you rockin’ the fitness routine. We can’t really blame people when society and media messages don’t show that a diverse range of bodies can be healthy and fit. So I am asking you to rise above until

the social shift catches up. You exercising with a body outside the “ideal norm” is revolutionary. You are a representative of changing times. Rise above

and embrace it.



You are a wonderful human being who deserves the best life possible. Exercise can be a striking, positive force and the vehicle to an endless list of benefits. Will you leap?



louise greenLouise Green is a globally recognized “fit and fat” voice at the forefront of the Body Advocacy movement. Find out more about her at www.LouiseGreen.ca.

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