$7 Subscriptions to Fitness, Family Circle, Paula Deen and More

Up to 89% Off Best-Selling Magazines like The Atlantic, Paula Dean, Food & Wine and more


magazines from plum district

Today’s deal from Magazine Order Center saves you serious dollars on your favorite magazines. Grab a subscription or two for yourself at these great discounted prices! Magazines available include:
Fitness (2 Years) – 20 issues
Family Circle (2 Years) – 24 issues
Vegetarian Times (1 Year) – 9 issues
Kiplinger’s Personal Finance (1 Year) – 12 issues
Food & Wine (1 Year) – 12 issues
Cooking with Paula Deen (1 Year) – 6 issues
The Atlantic (1 Year) – 10 issues
Yoga Journal (1 Year) – 9 issues
Clean Eating (1 Year) – 8 issues
With subscriptions as low as $7, you can stock up while the price is right!

Go to Plum District now and place your order . . .

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