Keychain Breathalyzer With All New Colors

back track b reathalayzerThere’s a couple ways a night out at the bars can end. The good: The worst part about the night is the hangover the next day, meaning all things considered, the night was a success. The bad: You lose your wallet and keys in a drunken stupor. The very bad: You end up taking a breathalyzer test. Er, actually, scratch that! It’s actually kinda fun to take a breathalyzer as long as you’re breathalyzing yourself for kicks.

Blow on this mouthpiece and it’ll give you your rough blood alcohol level—give or take a couple hundredths of a point. Consider this a more scientific way of testing out how many drinks you can down before being put down. Numbers don’t lie whereas your judgment gets kinda iffy around the time your sense of depth perception starts fading.

Now let’s be clear, being breathalyzed by a guy with a badge? Not so fun. So use this for play and you’ll have a good night for sure.