The Quick and Clean Diet Lose the Weight, Feel Great, and Stay Lean for Life by Dari Alexander

Dari AlexanderLet’s start this New Year off right! Every year we vow to shed that holiday weight, and pray the diet sticks. The Quick and Clean Diet by Dari Alexander will not only keep you eating right, but you will feel more energized than ever. This book is a life changer and a must read! It just came out a week ago, but I’ve already read it and fully endorse it.

Dari Alexander is not only a Fox News Anchor, but also a top journalist and hard working mother. The trick on life is to feel good about yourself. If you follow the three levels of the diet: High Motivation, Grounding, and Stability I promise you will achieve the healthy fit body you’ve always envisioned.

quick and clean diet

Here’s the breakdown:

High Motivation: is where you quickly lose weight, limit and control your cravings, and shrink your stomach. After three days you will be well on your way to a better looking you!
Grounding: is where you experience more weight loss while introducing yourself to whole grains, lean proteins, and good fats.
Stability: is where you evolve and develop into a healthy eating, living machine!
I promise your taste buds and stomach will not hate you. With the Quick and Clean diet, you can still enjoy food. Expect to eat lots of chicken, turkey and fish while staying away from pre-packaged, frozen, refined foods. Stop hating your diet and start loving this one.

Audrey Puente (Weather) Dari Alexander (Anchor) and Christina Park (Reporter) Fox  5 NY at The Quick and Clean Diet book signing
Audrey Puente (Weather) Dari Alexander (Anchor) and Christina Park (Reporter) Fox 5 NY at The Quick and Clean Diet book signing

The book fundamentally changes the way you go about your daily life. It truly inspires a life-long healthy mindset. If Dr. OZ supports it, so do I (Dari will be on Dr. Oz January 17th). I suggest your give it a read.

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