64% cheat while in the same room as their spouse

  • Sexting in bed
    Sexting in bed

    89% of people use smartphones or tablets to cheat on their spouse

  • 64% will cheat via mobile devices while their spouse is in the same room
  • Only 12% are very afraid of getting caught

After surveying 11,050 of its cheating members, Victoria Milan – a dating website for attached and married people looking to cheat – was able to reveal shocking insights into the modern world of infidelity and the fact cheaters are getting more bold, taking more risks – and they aren’t worried about getting caught.

Almost 90% of cheaters are using their mobile devices to contact their lovers – yet only 12% are scared of getting caught.  Three-quarters of people did admit they have a slight fear of being found out – and 13% aren’t afraid at all that their digital dalliances might come to light.

Particularly cheeky are the cheaters who are sexting while their partners are home (23%), or even in the same room (64%).  Only 13% claim they do not communicate with their lovers while their partner is around.

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“We know at Victoria Milan that often affairs remain a digital fantasy – a cheeky online flirt is enough to satisfy people. Moving this from the desktop computer to mobile devices means our members can sext from the office, the car, or as we’ve revealed – from the same room as their partner, and still keep their affair a secret,” Mr Vedal said.

Survey Results

11,050 Victoria Milan members polled

Are you using your smartphone or a tablet to communicate with your lover?

Yes 89%

No 11%

Are you afraid of being caught when using a mobile device to communicate with your lover?

Yes, very afraid 12%

Somewhat afraid 75%

Not afraid at all 13%

Do you chat with your lover using a mobile device while your partner is in close proximity?

Yes, even if my partner is somewhere in the house 23%

Yes, even if my partner is in the same room 64%

No, I never do 13%