Situated in the heart of Singapore, Dore Aesthetics is a cosmetic transformation center that not only believes in prevailing beauty at all times, but also without any discomfort, pain or surgeries. Dore Aesthetics has been able to entertain 2000+ customers to date – all of which have walked out of the studio with raving confidence and beaming personalities.

While nose jobs are quite common out there, there are many people who wouldn’t give surgery or cosmetic surgeons their time of the day. This is why there arose a need to come up with minimally invasive techniques that can alter the shapes of noses by correcting nose bridges, humps or pointed tips.

Mentioned below are 3 benefits that you can avail by providing Dore Aesthetics to change lives, and of course, noses, through their nose fillers and various other minimally invasive techniques.



After assessing the requirements of your nose, experts at Dore Aesthetics assure you to provide you with treatments that neither cause you any discomfort nor pain. Dore Aesthetics helps you to get a nose job without surgery through its nose fillers which help to either alleviate the bridges or sculpt the pointy tips of your nose.

Nose fillers comprise of hyaluronic acid which helps to boost collagen production in skin. These nose fillers help to improve the aesthetic outlook of the nose by contouring it uplifting the bridges or the tips, thus giving you a chance to beam with confidence.



Dore Aesthetics treatments always comprise of long-lasting effects, provided the customer pays heed to the care-taking instructions after the procedures as well. Dore Aesthetics also takes pride in providing its customers with procedures that provide minimal to no discomfort. Not only that, Dore Aesthetics procedures for nose job without surgery also ensure safety towards any allergic reactions or side effects during or after the treatments.





Dore Aesthetics offers procedures that are not only safe, but also promise not to involve any risk during or after the treatments. Surgeries are pretty uncomfortable due to the fact that they are not only risky but also take weeks to heal. With the treatments offered at Dore Aesthetics, you can not only get a nose job without surgery within a time span of a single session, but you can also continue with your routine right away.

Walk away from the studio of Dore Aesthetics like a confident person with your new nose job, and beam with aesthetics like never before. Before you set your heart onto joining the queue of customers at Dore Aesthetics, take a free face assessment and a trial session to see the effects up close. To become a permanent customer at Dore Aesthetics, bring your trust and faith, and avail every little bit of opportunity from the maestros of face transformation.

These maestros at Dore Aesthetics are not only helping to build a trustworthy, cosmetic platform of tomorrow, but they are also helping people to advance and proceed with treatments that alleviate pain and discomfort, in all means.